What are the top mechanical measuring instruments?

A measuring instrument is a tool to gauge any physical quantity. They are used in every field, like physical sciences, quality assurance, engineering, and in the manufacturing of buildings.


They all have some SI units and standards by which the whole world gauges or measures the specific quantity they are made. The measuring instruments have special test methods by which they are standardized. They all have the least count. They all may have some kind of uncertainty fixed after taking the measurement. All objects, from rulers to large instruments like electron microscopes, are measuring instruments.

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5 measuring instruments you may not know about

Here we are discussing different types of measuring these measuring instruments suppliers supply to the local markets.

Vernier calipers

Vernier Caliper is an instrument used to find the thickness of little things like a cylinder wire. It is a linear instrument with the least count of 0.02mm. They measure the thickness or dimensions like length, diameter, and depth. There are two types of scales present on the vernier scale. The main scale and the vernier scale. The main scale of the vernier caliper slides over the vernier scale present beneath the beneath scale. We can find internal and external measurements with this measuring instrument up to 0.02 mm. So, use a vernier caliper if you want to find your object’s internal or external dimensions done by its external and internal measuring jaws.

Vernier depth gauge

This instrument is used to measure the depth of the object. It measures depth with the depth bar present on it. 

Micrometer or External micrometer

The micrometer is also indicated as an external micrometer. It is also known as the outer micrometer by some people.

So as the name suggests, the micrometer is used to find the external diameters of the objects with the least count of 0.001mm. So it determines the accuracy of the micrometer, which is greater than the vernier calipers. It is also known as a vernier type micrometer because it works like vernier calipers but has higher acceptable accuracy of 1 micron than vernier calipers.

Bevel protractor

It is also a basic measuring instrument you can find from any measuring instruments supplier. The Bevel Protractor has an angular measuring instrument capacity, which means it can measure the angles. It has the least count capable of measuring angles with 5′. It has a dial that is graduated with every tenth angle. There is also a sliding blade on this protractor fitted into this dial protractor. The sliding blade can be slid in any direction to set the angle for measurement.

Dial Gauge

Here’s another measuring instrument used by the engineer. The dial gauge is also indicated as the Plunger dial gauge. It is the simplest and the most widely used instrument. Mechanical comparators use it. It used to work against a master with a least count of 0.8mm.

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