What Are The Side Effects Of Long-term Use Of Zopiclone?

Zopiclone is used to treat insomnia in adults for a brief period. The recommended adult dosage is 7.5 mg administered right before night for up to 4 weeks. Longer than four weeks of zopiclone use should be deemed “off-label.”


If zopiclone is needed to treat insomnia, it should be combined with non-pharmacological treatments such as adjusting sleep expectations, increasing sleep hygiene, changing lifestyle variables, and addressing underlying health problems and psychological stress. But too much can lead you to many problems. Let’s go ahead and discuss that. 

Getting addicted to zopiclone can lead to dependence

You can click the link and visit the website if you wish to know more about zopiclone addiction. According to research, a person gets addicted to zopiclone if they develop a physical dependence on the drug, leading to severe withdrawal symptoms if and when the person stops taking it. The form and severity of the symptoms will vary widely from one user to the next. However, this depends on multiple factors, including the doses used, the frequency with which they were used, the length of the addiction, and the addict’s physiology, to name a few.

Withdrawal symptoms

Nonbenzodiazepine withdrawal symptoms can be quite similar to those experienced by benzodiazepines, which can be exceedingly harmful (alongside alcohol, they are the only drug the withdrawal from which itself can kill). As a result, withdrawal is a dangerous procedure that should never be tried without the supervision of a medical professional. Although several “at-home detox” kits are available on the internet, doctors strongly warn against using them for the reasons stated above.

Other common symptoms include: 

Bitter mouth taste

After taking zopiclone, you may get a coated tongue, poor breath, or a bitter taste in your mouth. When this drug is taken, these side effects are common. It also changes your behavior. This medicine may increase symptoms of depression, such as suicidal thoughts or the desire to harm others.


Some people, especially the elderly, may feel drowsy, dizzy, lightheaded, clumsy or unsteady, or less alert than usual when taking zopiclone. Even if zopiclone is taken before going to bed, it can make some people sleepy or drowsy when they wake up.

Metallic taste or dry mouth

This is because your body quickly adjusts to it, and it is unlikely to have the same effect after some time. A metallic taste in your mouth, dry mouth, and daytime tiredness are all common side effects.

Users of Zopiclone do so for the drug’s dreamy, mildly euphoric effects, which can persist for several hours and have long-lasting aftereffects that can linger for at least a day. Although zopiclone can expedite sleep by at least 15 minutes when used as a hypnotic, most people taking the drug do not use it as a sleep aid and use it at any time of day. Side effects might be mild or severe, and they can either be transitory or permanent. Even if the above side effects are indicated, not everyone will experience them.

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