What Are the Chances Artificial Intelligence Kills Our Writing Skills?

Artificial intelligence has been a controversial topic for quite some time. Scientists claim that it may carry a potential threat. Can it kill our writing skills, though?

How Can Artificial Intelligence Kill Our Writing Skills?

You know that widely popular game “Kiss, marry, kill?”. Okay, let me remind you really quickly. You’re given three people and those three options that you need to sort out in a way, so you determine what to do to those people. That’s practically what’s happening with artificial intelligence nowadays, except we have no idea what the final choice will be, where humanity will end up, and, more importantly, what will happen to our writing skills. Why is it important?

A very good question, my friend! AI is already better than us in so many fields and processes. It develops the software, calculates the odds of pretty much everything in this world, and outsmarts people at table games. And now, it seems that it’s willing to take away from us the last thing that’s left and it is creativity. People have been known to be the masters of intricate sentences design and fantastic out-of-this-world plots since the dawn of time. This unique feature or even talent has made us feel very special. This is a peculiar silver lining we have been holding on to.

A robot who can write an essay, for example, may sound like a good idea for those who don’t really want to carry the burden of homework. However, perhaps, machine rising perspective simply isn’t worth it and it would be safer just to address a high-quality writing service which you may just ask: “Write my essay”. Apparently, AI may create some “Lord of the Rings”-worthy sequels. Let’s find out if we should already start worrying about the safety of our writing skills.

The Journalists Will Be the First to Go Down

The year 2017 was marked by a very special, significant, yet scary and frustrating event in the world of journalism. A research team at Peking University created a robot that is able to fulfill reporters’ duties. This astonishing artificial intelligence representative wrote a 300-characters article in one second! Do colleges even need to teach professional journalists anymore? None of them will ever be able to compete with that speed.

A modern computer can analyze tons of data (including names, places, events) at the same time and come up with a piece of news practically with the speed of light. What is more, now, they can turn this analysis into a solid comprehensible coherent text. Of course, it’s not the dusk of the journalism era. Robots are still not so good at handling face-to-face communications, they have a problem with distinguishing human emotions, and the immediate intuitive response is a crucial part of an interview. Wait a second. Now, we have that Sophia robot who can do all of this. Never mind. Journalism is practically dead. Or is it?

An Award-Winning Novelist

If you think that it can’t go any further than the media sphere, then prepare to be amazed because that award-winning novelist is actually a Japanese robot. What else could you expect from such an innovative and super progressive country? Of course, robots write fiction there! And they get praised for it. Okay, to tell the truth, the robot didn’t win the literary competition per se. But it did come very-very close beating many human authors.

“A Day a Computer Writes a Novel”, this is the title and you’ve got to admit, it’s rather creative. How on Earth is that even possible? If you picture a little humanoid who is typing on a computer trying to come up with the best plot twist, then, thankfully, the development of robotics hasn’t reached the level advanced enough to pull it off. Creators have come up with an algorithm with the help of which the robot is able to analyze the given words, word combinations, and sentences, combine them and turn them into a comprehensive (and interesting story). So, for now, we can call it a productive collaboration between mankind and AI. This iron creative brain may not win the literary award this year, but what if it will do it next year after working on its writing skills?

Something We’ve Been Anticipating for Too Long

Some of the die-hard “Game of Thrones” fans are looking for all possible ways how to invent the time machine in order to shorten their misery. The launch of the final season and the last book of the George R. R. Martin series won’t come sooner than the year of 2019, so it’s really hard to decide what we can do about the overwhelming curiosity. A robot is in charge of this mission now. Zack Thoutt is an engineer, a designer of this computer system, and apparently, a huge “Game of Thrones” fan. His robot has analyzed all the plot twisters, events, characters, and algorithms of their behavior and practically wrote the final volume of the series. And you thought this show was so unpredictable!

So do you want to know what robot has figured out about that Daenerys-John situation? We too, but we won’t spoil anything, you can just read the whole story, it has free access. But we can share some details like the moment when Jamie kills Cercei in cold blood, John is riding a dragon, and Varys tries to poison Daenerys. Let me just remind you that this is not an original version, but just an analysis of an AI. Will it turn out to be right? We’ll see soon.

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