What 2018 Holds For Technology In Dentistry

Technology is making its way into every aspect of life, being adopted by the healthcare system to improve overall performance and limit waiting times with unprecedented success. How technology is expanding is an exciting time, as it is allowing new healthcare processes to be developed in order to benefit overall customer experience. Within the post, we will be taking a look into how technology within the dental industry is changing for the better in 2018!

Emergency Appointments

In order to keep up with the busy lifestyles of clients, dentists have resorted to emergency appointments. While this system has been around for a while, technological advancements are helping to improve average rates of customers seen per day, helping to make Emergency Dentist London services more streamlined than ever before. With the ability to fit around a busy lifestyle and technology to help reduce the amount of pain a patient may experience, even in the case of an emergency appointment, patients are able to go back to normal in no time.


Technological advancements have seen the opportunity for teledentistry to expand. With the American Dental Association implementing this technique, it is becoming more widely recognized.  This gives the client opportunity to get a virtual dental visit from home, benefitting people who can’t visit the dentist to get their regular check-ups. This is beneficial for dentists as it allows them time to fit in more clients throughout their busy schedules. It works by having a hygienist visit the client and then send the collected information to the dentist via the cloud. The patient can then consult with the dentist either online or by telephone.  This allows dentists to provide services in remote areas and reach clientele that they wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise while improving overall customer service.

3D Printers

The 3D printer is a section of technology that has been around for a while, but the continued expansion within this area is what has made it more appealing to the dental industry. This technology is starting to be used to create models and appliances used within the orthodontic industry. This is beneficial to the dental sector because it will allow them to create multiple fabrications of the same product, making it widely accessible to multiple different clients at the same time while helping to reduce the price of some of the most premium products. With the continued advancements in this technology area, integration possibilities within the dental sector are endless.

The Single Tooth Anaesthesia System

This specific advancement in technology is small yet significant. The single-tooth anesthesia system can allow a single tooth or area of the gum which is causing the pain to be anesthetized as opposed to the entirety of the face, gums and jaw. Technological advancements have therefore allowed patients to receive aesthetic and go about their day, eliminating the feeling of being unable to eat and drink, or return to work due to the impact anesthesia can have on overall awareness.

As technological advancements continue to be made, opportunities for what it can do for the healthcare sector expand. With older healthcare practices being replaced with new ones, it is crucial that the technology be implemented to successfully benefit the way in which these services operate, enhancing the overall experience. With dentistry technology, the possibilities really are endless.

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