Weird Gadgets Releases of 2018

The world of tech opens its doors on some of the weirdest and maybe creepiest gadgets that were crafted by some of the most talented engineers in the world. If you want to have some laughs or discover the most sensational creations, keep reading. You are about to discover a new world made of innovative and ultra-modern technologies. Get a kick out of the following:

1. Kohler Numi Toilet

Kohler created a ridiculous high-tech toilet called the Numi. The Numi toilet brings forth unparalleled design and technology for top personal comfort and cleansing. If you are looking for a new-fangled toilet. Don’t look that far, the Numi might be your perfect purchase. It comes with numerous features like the seats opens and closes – hands-free, a foot warmer and heated seat is incorporated, ambient light, music playback, a deodoriser, touch-screen remote control which is adjustable to 12 different languages and a handful of other cool ones. Oops!! Forgot about this one: There is a dual flash technology in the Numi which allows all the users to choose between a full or partial flush. What are your thoughts? Cool or not? Rate it to 10!

2. Somnox Robotic Pillow

Somnox states that with their new robotic pillow you can 1. Sleep Faster 2. Sleep Longer and 3. Wake up refreshed. Let’s find out more about this revolutionalised creation. This pillow was created with the intention to provide a therapeutic sleep to all the users.  It replicates the sensation of sleeping and you just have to cuddle up to it and sleep. This giant bean pillow is full of sensors and motors that will tickle your senses to relax your whole body and mind.

3. Rocking Bed

Let’s stay with the theme of sleep. This idea popped into Mark Russell’s mind. This trailblazer was inspired to create a rocking bed that swings back and forth while he was on a cruise. He further explained that the rolling ocean helped him to have a good night sleep. Imagine having the Somnox Robotic Pillow and this Rocking Bed. . . you’ll drift off to dreamland.

4. CX-1 Self-Driving Luggage

Yes, you read it right! There is a self-driven league that was created by ForwardX Robotics. Thanks to the genius masterminds, behind this one is a kind futuristic creation. It’s awesome! This cutting-edge product side follows you everywhere you are by making use of facial recognition, auto-follow options and object avoidance. Imagine having a coffee while your luggage follows you everywhere. It’s weird, right?  This clever piece of technology is meticulously designed for the most optimal use of space. Ovis makes travelling hands-free and worries-free!

5. Laundroid laundry-folding robot

Your dreams came true! Bye bye, long hours of folding clothing. Now, with this artificial intelligence-powered laundry-folding machine, your t-shirts can be neatly folded. This revolutionary gadget has a set of robotic arms that pick up your various clothes. Then it scans it with cameras which are connected to the Wi-Fi and it uses artificial intelligence to scrutinise the object. With all the gathered info, it determines the best way to handle the clothing, hold it up and how to fold it. There are some pioneering technologies behind this creation. Here is the drawback, it might take several hours! 5 to 10 minutes for a piece of shirt. So, have fun watching the Laundroid to this simple chore.

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