Weekend Getaway: Cities To Visit Near New York

Do you want to spend your weekend away from home? New York State has many beautiful and exciting cities easily accessible by car.

weekend getaway

Regardless of your travel preferences (food, museums, attractions, walking the streets, shopping, etc.), you can satisfy everything if you visit these beautiful cities.

So, the top 7 cities where you can go for a weekend.


Earlier tourists avoided this city. However, this has now changed, and it has once again become an attractive destination for many people. Here you will see beautiful architectural solutions, visit museums and galleries, eat in restaurants, and many more. If you are planning a trip with children, be sure to visit the local zoo. Sports have also become the hallmark of this city.

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Saratoga Springs

The local water is considered very beneficial for the treatment of many diseases. Therefore, if you have planned a trip to this city, you can combine business with pleasure: visit local attractions and improve your health. There are more than 20 mineral springs in the city for any budget.


Do you love science and technology? Then you should go to this city. This is where virtual reality was born! Binghamton is really interesting, and everyone will find something exciting here.


The biggest attraction in this city is the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Be sure to attend the amusement park if you are coming with children. In the evening in the city, you can dine in many different restaurants with delicious food.


This college town can entertain not only young people. You will enjoy the most beautiful landscapes, walk along the beautiful streets, take pictures near ancient buildings, go boating, and try fishing with catfish reels. Ithaca also has a large number of beautiful sights. Furthermore, shopping lovers will find pastimes according to their interests.

Long Island City

Do not forget about the good old Long Island City. How long have you not been here? It is a place for contemporary art and a gathering center for creative people. There is a beautiful state park here and, of course, many cafes, restaurants, and boutiques.


Syracuse has many fascinating museums, delicious restaurants, trendy boutiques, and beautiful old buildings. We can say it has everything for the perfect weekend and replenishing the family album with new photos. Be sure to visit its large shopping mall and entertainment complex.


This city is just a paradise for families with children. Here you can: visit the local super fun Strong National Museum of Play, a zoo, and a science center. However, adults will also find something interesting for themselves. For example, they can visit a waterfall or go hiking. Gourmets will be pleasantly surprised by a large number of cafes and restaurants! So, Fun will be provided to absolutely everyone.


Albany is bewitched with its beauty. He, and here historical style is very harmoniously combined with modern architecture. Visiting this city, you can plunge into history, and the New York State Capitol is the number one place to go to.


Roosevelt once lived in this city, so it is a popular tourist spot. You can visit his home, museum and the presidential library. It also has the longest pedestrian bridge globally – over the Hudson.

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