Weed Washing: Almost All of the CBD Beauty Products are Full of Lies

If you’ve been reading the news lately, you may have noticed that CBD has become a hot topic. Thanks to its many medical benefits and lack of side effects, more people than ever are interested in taking advantage of this miracle drug. However, with so many products on the market claiming to be rich in CBD it can be hard to know which ones are full of lies.

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In this blog post, I will explain what Weed Washing is and how it affects online beauty product companies.

What is Weed Washing and how does it affect online beauty product companies

What it means to Weed Wash: It is a form of marketing that involves misleading consumers about the purity of a product by emphasizing qualities that are not actually true. This is done in order to make less pure products seem more appealing to buyers as well as for the company to make more money. Online beauty product companies take advantage of this term by claiming their products are rich in CBD when they use hemp oil which contains only a very small amount of CBD.

How does it affect online beauty products

  • One way Weed Washing is a problem for consumers who don’t know any better or who want to make sure they’re purchasing a quality product, is because some companies will purposely mislead consumers so that they will buy the product.
  • The main problem with Weed Washing is that it makes less pure products seem more appealing, which can make consumers who don’t know any better or who want to purchase a quality product think they are purchasing one when they’re not. This ends up giving consumers false hope and wasting their money on something of lower value.

6 Tips for finding high quality CBD products

  • Look for companies who make it a point to be transparent about how their products are made and ensure that they are all natural with no artificial ingredients
  • Read the labels and do research on the product before buying it  to ensure that it’s the quality you’re looking for
  • Ask questions about where the CBD is sourced from and whether or not there are any artificial ingredients in it
  • If a product doesn’t have enough CBD don’t buy it because if isn’t going to be as effective.
  • If it says “Rich in CBD” it’s probably not
  • Watch out for the word Hemp in any part of the Ingredients

Final Notes

The best way to find out what’s inside a beauty product is by reading reviews. We have 6 tips for finding high-quality CBD products that you can use as a starting point, but the best thing you can do is read online reviews from those who have tried it before and see how they liked or didn’t like it. Weed Washing affects all industries including health care and wellness so be sure to research your options when looking at new CBD products on the market!

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