Want to Make Your Commute Eco-friendly? Here’s 4 ways How

Gone are the days when we could not see the connection between their everyday decisions and the worsening state of the environment. Now, more and more people recognize their responsibility in leaving a better world for future generations. A wide range of human activities harms the globe. Transportation is one of these thanks to its fairly large carbon footprint.

Transport’s carbon footprint leads to a deterioration in air quality, soil, water, and the overall climate. By switching to a more eco-friendly means of commuting, such as scooters, you can play a small but significant part in keeping the environment clean while setting a positive example that others can emulate. Here are ways you can make your commute greener.


1. Cycling

Cycling has a myriad of benefits which makes it one of the best means of transportation. For starters, cycling is easy to learn and can be lots of fun. It’s a great way to relax, enjoy the cool breeze and get your mind at ease as you soak in the sights and sounds.

Second, it’s great for your health and is one of the most holistic exercises for the body. It boosts cardiovascular health, builds muscle, raises energy levels, and enhances coordination. You’ll burn a substantial amount of calories depending on the length of your commute, the topography, your speed, and your current health condition.

Cycling can burn a near similar amount of calories as jogging but has the advantage of not degrading your joints.

2. Skateboarding

This may seem pretty eccentric in a way that will perhaps only appeal to a younger demographic. While it is true that more youthful persons will be more inclined to skateboarding, you can still skateboard in your 30s and 40s as long as you keep it simple. Skateboarding, however, has a shorter range than cycling, given the amount of strength and stamina required.

If you can do it, though, skateboarding means not just shrinking your carbon footprint but also working your leg and core muscles. It takes plenty of practice if you haven’t done it before, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be cruising while enjoying the adrenaline rush.

3. Walking

Live close to your office? Then you can walk to work. In fact, some people will purposefully look for accommodation near their place of work so that they can have a walk as one of their commuting options. Walking has fairly similar health benefits as cycling and skateboarding but with the added benefit of being accessible to a broader demographic.

There’s greater flexibility in terms of pace, so you can walk as fast or as slow as you prefer. You can make the trip somewhat shorter and more interesting by popping in headphones to listen to your favorite music. Also, if at any point during the walk you feel you no longer want to continue, it’s easier to switch to public transportation without worrying about tugging your bike along.

4. Riding an Electric Scooter

If cycling, skateboarding, and walking feel like a bridge too far for you, given the amount of physical effort required, then envy scooters with brake lights could be a more feasible solution. You get to work without the fatigue and sweat that accompany the aforementioned three modes of transportation.

It’s motorized, ensuring you can get to where you want significantly faster than skateboarding or cycling. And if you need an extra boost, there are also ways to make your electric scooter run faster. This device is definitely a great way to get around. Yet it’s compact enough for you not to worry about traffic and parking. On the international market, you’ll find many companies that sell electric scooters. One of them is, for example, Apollo Scooters. Thanks to the wide offer, you can be sure that you’ll find a model that perfectly matches your needs.

Not everyone will have the ability to use the above options as a means of going to work. In that case, you could take less radical and more realistic steps such as abandoning your car and opting for public transport. It won’t drastically reduce your carbon footprint in the same way these four options would, but it will certainly minimize it.

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