Virtual Reality: The Future of Online Casinos?

If you play casino games often, you already know about online casinos. But you might be surprised to learn that virtual reality is being adopted by the casino world, with the industry pushing for improvements in this technology so they can take advantage of it. Although it is still too early to say virtual reality is disrupting casinos, its adoption by the casino industry is still serious enough.

virtual reality
With virtual and augmented reality, you can “teleport” to any hot gambling destination on Earth. (Image Credit:

The Entrance of Virtual Reality

If you are used to playing casino games on your phone, you are already familiar with the 2D artefacts found there. These artefacts have traditionally been part of real money casinos that allow players to win real money. The only problem is that realism was lacking. Not any more.

Virtual reality goes beyond showing players flashy graphics and instead drops them directly into a casino. With the advancements made in the graphics department, it can feel genuine, with players able to pick up cards or balls or even spin slots right from home.


As you might expect, the experience you get will depend on the features the implementation of virtual reality at a particular casino has. Some of these features include:

  • 3D spatial sounds and sound effects pulled from real casinos
  • Detailed casino floors and rooms. Players can walk in and explore the world they find themselves in
  • Realistic games including slot machines and natural cards
  • 3D game tables where players can choose a seat, interact with other players and the dealer as well as converse with other players
  • Ability to use body and hand gestures and to see others’ gestures
  • In-game chat

Players can also go to the bar for a virtual drink, light up a virtual cigar, or visit the lounge to talk to players who may not be busy at the time. The graphics have come a long way, and they are no longer as gimmicky as they used to be.

The Games

To have a good experience, players should have enough games to keep them engaged while inside the VR casino. SlotsMillion is one of the most popular VR casino games. Here, there are slot machines and graphics that are so good that they would make you think you are in a real casino. SlotsMillion lets players play for real money just like when they gamble online Canada based.

Many companies produce their casino VR poker and, in many cases, the games feature full-body players, highly-detailed furniture, and artefacts. Many of these casinos that have VR poker often include Texas Hold’em as it is trendy. There is also the ability to chat with other players as well as pick up the cards in some of the games.

Players can buy stacks of chips through an app or even win them for real at the table. Just remember that you cannot return the chips once you have purchased them for most of the VR poker games. In some versions, players can also see each other’s winnings.

Virtual reality is fascinating for the casino industry because casinos can now offer players better experiences. They also allow players to interact a lot easier with other players as well as win some money the same way they would in a real casino. Since VR in casinos is still very young, it is exciting to stand by and see how far casinos can push this technology and what new ways they can find to use it.

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