Virtual Reality in Changing Industries

For many, virtual reality has long had a sole link with different gaming options across many different gaming platforms. Certainly, many of the big pushes forward could be associated with the gaming space too. Recent adjustments with the likes of the Oculus Quest bringing a wireless change to VR and other big changes continue to push the market forward. Whilst it does largely remain primarily used in gaming for now with services found at starting to enter the market, for example, there are growing opportunities in other industries too as VR continues to offer big change.

Opportunities in travel and tourism

With the travel industry struggling as much as it has over the past year, it’s no surprise that many are looking into ways to offer alternative experiences for now and moving forward too. It is a space that has become very popular for VR recently. The ability to offer virtual tours or offer virtual experiences provides a huge benefit to the industry. Examples have long been seen of virtual roller coaster rides as an attraction, for example, but space has since expanded. In 2019, some VR users experienced the Mona Lisa: Beyond the Glass, a VR tour put together by the Louvre that allowed viewers to have a more personal experience of the artwork, something viewed by 20,000 people per day behind the protective casing. It provides a small example of how other spaces can follow the same path of offering these more tailored and personalized experiences for something that is usually much less of a personal experience.

VR technology in medicine

A new approach to learning

There has long been the discussion of the best ways to deliver learning to a huge group of people – many learn in different ways, some more verbally, and others more visually, and it is a space where VR has certainly made strides forward. Particularly now with a focus on distance learning and remote education, this is a space that will continue to grow more popular but has already become important in some learning environments such as medicine – VR provides a great learning tool and can be tailored to suit many different spaces, whether this be used for visualizing areas otherwise inaccessible or as a training tool for those looking to learn certain procedures.

There are plenty of other spaces where VR has started to become more vital certainly too, through marketing and fitness, too many other spaces – whilst gaming for many was the introduction of VR, you may now start to see it become much more available and much more prominent in many other spaces that will continue to push the market forward and may pay dividends back to gaming too. However it’s certainly an exciting time for space, and big changes will continue to start coming as opportunities are expanded upon in the ‘new normal’ for many.

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