Upcoming Trends for Smartphones

Mobile devices have quickly grown to become, for most perhaps their most used device – it’ll go out with you everywhere and is always on hand to do whatever task you may need it for, whether that be for communication and talking to friends and family, entertainment for music, gaming, and movies, or now increasingly for work-related purposes too. Modern smartphones have gone through a huge amount of change in recent years with new features that lean both on the side of useful and gimmick, but where may the next big trends be coming from?

Extended reality could become more heavily features

Augmented and virtual reality have been touted as the future of many different industries over the years; those looking to wager with betting or gambling with this bonus code for bet365 or explore the many growing options in gaming may already be accustomed to the promise of extended reality. It’s certainly something that mobile devices will incorporate more moving forward, too, as prices come down and technology catches up. Much of the reliance also comes from different platforms integrating the usage of this tech as an option too which is becoming more common, and widespread usage may not be all that far off as the next big trend.

(Image source: theverge.com)

A change to displays

The latest big push has been the introduction of folding screens in one orientation or another; for now, it still very much seems to be a gimmick feature that’s more of a novelty, but time could lead these displays to catch on more as the price comes down in particular and find wider usage. As a tool for entertainment, a bigger display when working well may only provide a better experience, and those looking to explore this option for mobile devices could find it the next big trend in smartphones.

With the additions come the subtractions

While many positive trends come with changing tech for our mobile devices, there are also some drawbacks, notably in the features that get taken away. Slots for MicroSD cards and headphones jacks were the first casualties of change as slimmer unibody designs became more popular. Lately, it has been seen that earbuds and charging plugs won’t be included in mobile packaging either. It’ll likely be a continued trend that some features get stripped away, and some of these may be your favorites too, but this will certainly be something to keep an eye on.

There’s a lot of room for mobile devices to continue growing, and there will always be huge changes just around the corner – it can be easy to miss what the next big trend or feature maybe if you’re not keeping a close eye on the mobile market however as it often changes so quickly.

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