Universities Are Giving Access to Their Online Courses: Best Courses For You

E-learning has become significant in the past ten years, especially recently in the pandemic context, when there is no better option to study without being exposed to the risks of getting infected. Online learning is now at the center of our lives, and COVID-19 cannot but force companies, schools, and universities to operate remotely. In 2021, the online learning market continues growing, and its perspectives are impressive.

If you wanted to be involved with the world’s greatest universities, but it has always been too expensive, there are many free options. Due to free Massive Open Online Courses, there is a chance for everyone to experience the world’s most prestigious universities very easily and affordably. Having completed such a course even for free might be used in the future when applying for a job. If you need some help, remember that you can contact a good curriculum vitae service that will update your CV and help you get the job of your dream.

Possibilities Overview

Online learning with MOOCs implies filmed lectures, traditional materials, and interactive courses where students may discuss questions in forums, talk to professors, take tests, do quizzes, home tasks, and get immediate feedback there.

Surely, you cannot get a degree or any certificate after you complete a free course. However, several options do not cost a fortune and can guarantee you a certificate. Moreover, you will experience the academic culture of a famous institution. This experience is also useful for students who are just thinking about studying abroad. It lets you know if you are ready to study in a foreign academic environment and English.

There are a lot of courses from the world’s best universities on online learning platforms like Coursera or edX. Education these days is becoming more accessible for everyone. The best university teachers and instructors provide knowledge and best practices for free or at low prices. Thanks to such courses, you will be able to get new knowledge, which might help you reach your goals or just have fun while learning.

It is possible to access courses whenever it is convenient for you. You will have some tests, assignments and get a certificate proving your knowledge by paying some fixed price per course level. This certificate is good to include in your CV or LinkedIn account. Even if you do not feel like paying for a course, you can still access lots of materials for free or by using free trial subscriptions.

1. Princeton University

You can study popular today Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies, The Art of Structural Engineering: Bridges (8 weeks), Computer Science: Programming with a Purpose, etc. For more courses, browse edX and Coursera websites.

2. Harvard University

This university’s courses are also available in edX and Coursera. For instance, we recommend checking Data Science: Visualization, Using Python for Research, and Masterpieces of Literature (12 weeks) – an enjoyable course, perfect for the quarantine.

3. Columbia University

To experience one of the best US universities is just a dream! Here you can choose a course on Artificial Intelligence, Animation and CGI motion, Free Cash Flow Analysis, etc. on edX. Coursera offers courses on Construction Cost Estimating and Cost Control, Construction Finance.

4. Yale University

Another famous Ivy League university has unique offers for you. Here you can learn Introduction to negotiation, Roman Architecture, Financial Markets, etc. It is a rare chance to experience this university.

5. University of Chicago

It is one of the universities that have interesting offers for you. Visit the edX website and check courses Understanding the Brain: The Neurobiology of Everyday Life, Modeling Climate Change. On Coursera, you can find an unusual course on Software Defined Networking.

To look for more course options, you may check other MOOC providers such as Udemy, Udacity, P2PU. There you can find courses from various universities from all over the world. Maybe you will like the one that is more famous in your field of interest, so do not hesitate to have a closer look.

Try one course for free and see if you are really interested in the sphere or capable of being involved with an academic system of another country. In case you are eager to study, we recommend trying to purchase some courses to get a certificate or a degree. By paying for your education, you might feel more responsible for your actions. Thus, the service provided for you will gain value and will be appreciated by you even more.

Do some research and take a shot!

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