Tungsten Grinder and Its Uses

If you are a part of the manufacturing industry, then you have probably heard about tungsten grinders. If not, then you have come to the right place to learn more. Since a lot of industries use this specific tool, its responsibilities may vary depending on what type of job is actually performed.

Tungsten Grinder and Its Uses

Its versatility is one thing that draws a lot of people in to do their tasks efficiently. For example, an angle grinder is primarily used to cut through several types of materials, especially metal. It can also cut through bricks, stone, concrete, aluminum, etc.

What is important to note is that a tool like this does not have a cutting machine to do all those things, but a grinding wheel. Follow the link https://www.techsouthinc.com/tungsten-grinders to discover more about the topic.

Since there are several types of grinders available on the market, it is important to consider their size as well. Often, their size will tell you what they can do and how they can help the industry and manufacturing sector. If you have just trained or just starting as a welder, you will also need training and maybe watch a video tutorial or two on how to perfect your technique.

So, what are the main uses of a grinder? We have mentioned some of them below:

Polishing and grinding metal

We have mentioned this above, but it is important to go into detail to understand its function better. One of the main reasons manufacturers use a grinder is to grind metal. How is this achieved? Through the usage of abrasive grinding discs, any metal can be perfectly ground. You should also know that these discs are sometimes made of materials like carbide and aluminum.

Turning on the grinder after the grinding disc has been attached will cause it to begin rapidly rotating. When working with the target metal, pressing the abrasive disc against it will help to remove chunks of the metal, smooth it out, and make it flatter.

Did you know that you can actually improve the finish and the color of the metal by using a grinder on a lower speed setting? Its polishing wheel does all the work, while you enjoy the magic of how everything comes into place.

An interesting fact is that the polishing wheels are constructed of cotton and other soft materials. They are the ones responsible for adding that glassy and smooth finish to any metal surface before you. You can check out this page for more.

Cutting metal

Apart from its grinding and polishing abilities, which are amazing, the grinder is also used for cutting through metal. How so? Well, you simply substitute the grinding disc with the cut-off disc.

It is important to know that cut-off discs have various thicknesses you can choose from, but they are thinner than the grinding discs. The thinner the size, the better it will cut through the metal because it removes less material.

Furthermore, you should be careful with how you use these discs. It is essential to keep in mind that because of their thinness, they are more susceptible to breaking and bending. When you start the process of cutting through the metal, please be sure to use a moderate pace. Going fast will lead you nowhere and you will end up with a broken disc which you will have to replace.

Sharpening tools

Another advantage tied to angle grinders is that they can be used to sharpen existing tools and restore their edge. All you have to do is equip the tool with an abrasive disc and make absolutely sure that its blade is adequately secured. This way you have more control over the process and can move the grinder however you like.

electric grinder tool

When using a grinder to sharpen tools, please align the angle of the blade with the orientation of the grinding disc. This ensures that the newly sharpened blade will have the same angled cut.

What does changing the cutting angle do exactly with the grinder? Well, it can ruin its effectiveness and can damage it altogether. This is something you want to avoid at all costs. If you want to sharpen a certain tool, you have the option of using a sharpening store for making the edge more precise and sharp.

Cleaning metal

Are you low-key freaking out about what to do with rust, paint, and lacquer on metal surfaces? You can set your mind at ease because you can remove all of them with the help of an angle grinder. For this to happen, you will need to equip a plastic stripping disc to remove all the excess materials without damaging the surface at all.

Coatings fused with the metal can be easily removed with plastic stripping discs. The process is not as complicated as it sounds, especially for a professional in the manufacturing industry.

But, if you are set on taking off the rust from the metal surface, a better and superior option would be the metal cleaning wheel. Its mechanism is perfect in such a way that it effectively removes rust altogether. Sounds amazing, right?

Whenever contact is made between the wheel and the metal surface, it will start scraping off the layer of rust to expose the clean surface underneath. Always wear protective gear when this happens.


These are just some of the uses of an angle grinder, but there are so much more. You can do extensive research to discover more helpful information and then pick the right grinder for your projects. One of the most popular grinders nowadays is the tungsten grinder which can be a wonderful addition to the rest of your grinders.

It is extremely important to wear safety gear when dealing with these powerful tools. You need to protect your hand and eyes the most. The last thing you need is an injury. You should also be careful with power cables and make sure you declutter your workspace.

Anything that might get caught in the process of sharpening, grinding or cutting should be removed from your proximity.

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