Top Ways to Use Used Cooking Oil Creatively

There’s no denying that cooking oil is an essential part of home kitchens and commercial kitchens. This is because it is used for a variety of cooking and can help you achieve several goals. However, when both kinds of kitchens are concerned, the users have to cater to either recycling or disposing of the used cooking oil. When it comes to a typical household, disposing of used cooking oil carelessly will weigh repercussions. This is because it can cause blockage in the drain or even clog the water pipes.

Cooking Oil

On the other hand, when commercial kitchens are concerned, if the large volume of cooking oil is not dealt with properly, it will cause massive damage to everything around. Therefore, everyone needs to use the used cooking oil so that it doesn’t become a liability to the environment. Here, in this feature, we will shed light on a few ways to creatively make use of the used cooking oil:

Use it as a Lubricant

If you acknowledge its importance as a lubricant, you can use it for a variety of reasons. It can be used for squeaking the hinges in the house to curating the troublesome locks. Used cooking oil also helps prevent any kind of rust on the metal surfaces and removes large pieces of dirt from different tools.

Lamp Oil

Do you have the old lamp in your home? If you want to increase the aesthetic appeal of your property, you should turn on the lamp and put the used cooking oil inside it. Once the lamp is lit up, it will look different and unique. Today, many millennials are using this lamp because it allows them to go the extra mile to improve the visual appeal of their property.

Leather Preservative

If you have leather furniture at home, used cooking oil will be used to clean it. The leather furniture requires careful attention because it can easily get dirty f not treated on time. So now that you have used cooking oil at home, you better manage its cleaning as soon as possible.

Recycle it

One of the easiest ways to make the most out of cooking oil is to recycle it. Not to forget, used cooking oil recycling has become a norm today because everyone is talking about making the most out of the current resources available. For this to happen, you need to contact the experts who operate the recycling of organic compounds near your home.

Key lock Lubricant

Do you struggle with key lock issues every day in your home? If yes, make sure that you use the used cooking oil to lubricate the lock every day. Therefore, if you use a small quantity of the used cooking oil every day on these locks, you won’t struggle with the key lock lubricants at all.

Removing Paint from Hands

We all get stuck when the paint stains don’t seem to go away from our hands. However, if you have the used cooking oil around, you can rest assured about getting rid of the bizarre-looking paint stains. All you need to do is gently use a damp cloth, put some used cooking oil n it and wash away the stains from your skin. Bear in mind; if you begin removing stains from the skin with an even damp cloth, it will take forever to remove them. Therefore, the used cooking oil is the perfect liquid here.

Hair Moisturizer

Although it sounds weird, the used cooking oil is the perfect hair moisturizer for everyone. All you need to do is heat around half a cup of the used cooking oil at room temperature and massage your hair with it. Use a shampoo that is according to your hair type. Once you dry your hair, you will witness significant improvement in it. Not to forget, the used cooking oil is a prominent hair moisturizer for many hair enthusiasts across the globe. So if you want to give it a go, the chances are that you will never regret this choice for sure.

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