Top Lead Generation Tips for Plumbers

Why do so many plumbers struggle to fill their schedules with consistent work when plumbing is, without a doubt, among the most important industries in the home sector? A lot could depend on how much they have spent on professional lead generation.

pile of pipes

Plumbers can benefit immensely from professional lead generation. Traditional marketing tactics serve a purpose, but today’s consumers are online – even more so in the world of COVID-19. Online presence is crucial to attracting new, warm leads and subsequently converting them to repeat customers. The lead generation process enables you to target the most profitable customers, encourage interest in your services, and nurture potential customers until the point at which they are ready to use your services. 

Here are some tips from our tradie marketing experts on how you can start generating warm leads and secure more jobs. Here are some details to consider! 

Make SEO a priority 

A website’s copy and content must incorporate commonly searched words (keywords). The process by which this is achieved is known as search engine optimization. If done effectively, SEO will help your website will appear on Google’s first page and become one of the top results – the sweet spot, since most browsers don’t continue to the second page of results. Getting more plumbing job leads is dependent on ranking high in search results. By researching keyword intent thoroughly, you can even target keywords following searchers’ intents! These keywords are used by searchers who are ready to purchase immediately.

It takes a lot of time, effort, and revisiting to keep up with SEO algorithms because they are updated regularly. In light of the very hands-on nature of plumbing, hiring an SEO agency is a cost-efficient way to generate leads. Read our recent blog post to find out more about what you can do with an SEO agency and how they can help tradies. 

Harness your website’s sales potential 

Following optimizing your website for SEO, you need to ensure you include all the content required to keep prospects warm and persuade them to buy your products. This includes strong calls to action, clear contact information and customer service mechanisms, discounts and deals, testimonials, and, of course, all the relevant information the customer will have been searching for when they found your website. Having these elements is a great way to catch prospects’ attention, have them follow through on their commitment, and make it easy for them to do business with you.

Quality content is crucial because it communicates your credibility, authority, and reliability as a plumber. It is imperative that your website is filled with SEO-optimized content that offers your potential customers access to useful information, educates them about your services, and keeps them coming back for more. Perhaps you could offer prospects a free ebook on plumbing problem prevention approaches that they can download after providing their contact information! 

Create a mailing list 

You have likely collected a few customer emails over the years. With just a few contacts, you can create an email list of potential customers to send weekly updates, special offers, plumbing ideas, and even the option for them to write a testimonial for your business in exchange for your services. 

Generating a mailing list is essential for producing warm leads and developing your customer base. Regularly getting in touch with your customers keeps you firmly in the front of your customer’s minds, so you’ll be the first plumber they think of if a problem arises. 

There is an endless list of reasons why you should be creating a mailing list. Plumbers can improve their online presence through several lead generation tactics to increase their customer base and job opportunities. Plumbers can also take advantage of Public Liability Australia to cover their business with tradie insurance, compare quotes online with leading insurers and get the cover and price that suits you. 

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