Top 5 skills that come with being SAFe® certified for scaling your career ladder

Companies and organizations all over the world are looking at better and faster ways to develop their products and adopt techniques that would help them grow larger and smarter. With a widescale adoption of Agile across professional environments, there has been a need for a well-defined and streamlined process that allows companies to take more programs, better projects, and scale-up efficiently.

Scaled Agile Framework, or SAFe®, is the buzzword that’s been prevalent for quite some time now. And choosing to go with a Leading SAFe 4.6 certification is a popular choice amongst many upcoming professionals. Not only does it seem reasonable on your resume, but it helps you develop an individually unique skillset that traverses the boundaries of business and technology.

1.A single solution that provides it all

Agile consists of multiple aspects that are used to tweak and optimize a variety of processes that concern product development. These tend to affect different areas of the organization as well, which also tend to influence the branches of businesses and stakeholders.

Rather than have different personnel where each has a unique skillset, being SAFe® certified allows you to be that person that can help all the responsibilities. Right from developing processes, to identify patterns, to guiding product alignment and collaboration, SAFe® certification enables you to do it all.

2.An enhanced and purposeful mindset

People who have attained the SAFe® certification and have had their time getting to know the nitty-gritty of Agile always hold one adage to be true. Understanding Agile and its principles are not merely a matter of theory. It’s an experience and requires adopting a different mindset.

Very few professionals can see things from a different perspective or think outside the box quickly. Adhering to the principles put forward by a lean-agile methodology are not immediately discernible. But being SAFe® certified helps you develop a mindset that can identify these factors and make the right decisions speedily.

3.Better planning of teams and their programs

A lot of successful products are a combination of great leadership and a purposefully acquired team. Assembling a team plays a pivotal role in such scenarios since getting the right people is a lot more important than getting the best people. Every person plays a role in charting out an effective program.

As a SAFe® certified professional, you would be well-versed with identifying the right qualities and skills that can help put together a team that delivers peak performance consistently. Depending on what kind of experts are part of your team, and others who bring a niche skillset, you can help develop an incremental program that grows and scales with the evolving demands of the business and the market.

4.Understanding the three-pronged development of value

Product development and scaling an Agile environment to an enterprise-level require a keen knowledge of recognizing the right way to deliver value consistently. A powerful team and a great idea may not always put together a useful product which doesn’t benefit the company’s business.

SAFe® certification grants you the practiced eye that can find valuable insights. By exploring the possible opportunities and executing the ones that have the highest potential, you will be able to bring about a targeted and measurable release of value that is identifiable by both technical leaders and stakeholders of the company.

5.Empowering an organization to build larger and be better

At the end of the day, the ultimate aim of adopting a SAFe® mindset is to allow any company to expand its environment and principles to an enterprise-level while keeping the same drive and benefits of the Agile framework.

You are the unsung leader of the process when you get a SAFe® certification. It solidly marks you as a person who holds the know-how, who can develop the right path, and who can work both on a granular level, while allowing the leaders to see the growing business vision. Spearheading this enterprise scaling process, you can coordinate with multiple streams to evolve and transform the company into an enterprise-level behemoth.

In a market where speed and quality are quickly becoming two standards that need to go hand-in-hand, organizations are quickly identifying the challenges that come with scaling up to an enterprise-level without affecting their business and product delivery. 

By opting for a Leading SAFe training program, you are giving yourself the chance of becoming the person that can provide these organizations with the solution they are looking for. These factors themselves will elevate you in your career path, allowing you to scale the ladder with absolute confidence.

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