Top 5 Benefits Of Cloud-Based Payroll For Your Business

For any company and organization, HR and Payroll are the two departments that have a role in the company’s growth. But if either of the two is not executed properly, can result in the company’s downfall. Managing these two departments is a challenging task for big organizations that follows the conventional methods to operate the payroll services. The old-fashioned way of managing the employees can bring nightmares to the administrative department and spending most of the time on it can lead to delaying the more critical work of the company. 2021 is the year of change. With pandemic and work from home culture in demand, it is time to move on to the latest technology to control the administrative work. The payroll system is undergoing a revolution and the cloud-based service has shown the ultimate technological progress that surpasses the manual and on-premise payroll services.


Here the top 5 benefits of a cloud-based service to offer to their client for more timely, reliable, efficient payroll and management services:

1. Access to employee information

 For the rapidly changing demographics of the workplace, cloud-based service is the best. These services are hosted on cloud servers and therefore it offers organizations and their employees access to their information at any time from any device. You can access employee information sitting at a totally different location from where your office is. For executives who are frequently on tours, it is beneficial for them to have a cloud-based payroll system to access information even when they are on trips.

2. Eliminates manual updates and back up job

With the ever-changing employment rules and company policy, it becomes difficult to keep employees and the company on the same page. Cloud-based payroll software makes it easier for companies to auto-update the system instantly whenever the changes are performed. The software is up-to-date at all times and the employees have the latest information on board. Also, the back-ups are automatically done and no manual work is required to keep the files archived.

3. Improved transparency

The cloud-based software can give access to team leads, managers, and other higher authorities information about their team. It enables them to view the leave history and total man-hours dedicated to the company over a period of time. This transparency gives them control over their teamwork performance and hence empowers them to bring more productivity to the company. Certainly, this benefits the company with improved transparency and gives more insight on the status of the organization’s work processes.

4. Effortless integration with existing systems

Cloud-based systems are designed keeping in mind the other existing systems in a company that needs to be integrated for the continuous running of HR and Payroll operations. The APIs of such systems can be easily integrated with the cloud-based services, sharing valuable information to the system to give you uninterrupted services.

5. Enhanced data security

A company that maintains a traditional spreadsheet or an on-premise software to manage employee information has chances of information leaks and data breaches. With cloud-based, privacy and security are maintained by the vendor for HR and employee payroll information. The sensitive data about employment and financial details are well taken care of by the cloud-based service. The data are kept in an encrypted form and delivered to the client in an encrypted file as and when required. The privacy contract is signed by the vendor during the deployment of the cloud-based Payroll service.

Final Thought

Cloud-based solutions are an easy and convenient way to overcome stressful payroll operations that comes with manual handling of data. With the access of their service on smart devices and phones, the efficiency has increased and information has become handier than ever. The benefits of such solutions have outpaced manual operations. As per the ADP Payroll review done in 2019, their Mobile App Surpassed 20 Million Registered Users which means that the cloud-based services are well accepted by users. ADP has come up with the cutting edge payroll product and has enabled companies to use their maximum potential for company growth.

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