Tips for Buying Your First Whole Body Vibration Machine

Keeping a healthy lifestyle is essential to having a happy and enjoyable life. Losing weight and shaping your body requires a lot of training, a strict diet, and using machines at times. The whole body vibration machines have gained popularity due to their effectiveness in burning calories. The vibrations passed from the machine to your body are the key to losing weight efficiently, especially if you pair them with exercises. 

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However, when you want to buy your first whole-body vibration machine, you will find various products that will leave you confused about which one is the best for you. Fortunately, we will cover the main things to look for before buying a vibration machine in this guide.

Type of Vibration

No matter how the manufacturer describes its whole body vibration machines, they typically consist of two types; pivotal or lineal. Pivotal vibration machines have a point in the center, and the platform rises on one end and lowers on the opposite side. This motion mimics walking, which burns calories. Lineal vibration machine platform rises up and down during vibration, which imitates jumping in place. This motion improves muscle mass and bone destiny.

Platform Dimensions

Vibration machines come in a variety of sizes to serve all purposes. However, when you purchase a vibration machine, you must ensure that its platform is big enough to accommodate you and to allow you to exercise comfortably on it. While you might think that you will just stand up while the machine is doing its magic, you will break the routine by incorporating exercises.

Pre-set Programs

Sometimes we want to exercise a specific part of the body. While it doesn’t hurt to train the whole body, the best vibration machines come with pre-set programs that target specific parts of the body. You can target your upper body, lower body, or abs by adjusting frequency settings and modules in the programs offered by the machine.

Intensity of Vibrations

The frequency of vibrations is the number of oscillations per second, how fast the platform goes up and down in a second. Studies have found that the optimum frequencies needed to help the body lose weight are between 25-40Hz. Most whole-body vibration machines work in a limited range, so make sure that their ranges are within the optimum range of frequencies.


It would be best if you didn’t base your decision on cost only, as some expensive machines perform poorly. After you compare the previous factors, you will have a shortlist of whole-body vibration machines which will perform similarly. Depending on your budget, pick the one that suits your needs and has various features.


The most important factors of whole-body vibration machines are the speed of the platform while accelerating which should be at least 10 g, and the frequency of its vibrations to be between 25-40Hz. Opting for a silent machine may not be favorable, as they should produce sound and heat to perform ideally. The whole body vibration machines are excellent for losing weight and shaping the body but you should couple it with exercises to get better results.

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