Thrifty Tips for Keeping Cool During the Heatwave

A research made by an auto-switching service found out that half of the people make use of electric fans to reduce the temperature during the hot and uncomfortable nights.

The research also showed that an electric fan cost at least 7.2p for it to run at least eight hours, which equals to a bill of about 1,687,387 euros in the UK.

Even if over 7.2p is a small amount for you to pay for a refreshing night’s sleep, many people would prefer or need another solution similar to students who hire the best paper writing service, a cheap writing company, instead of their competitors. Many people want to ease off the heat without having bills mount up during the summer. Here are smart money-saving tips for you:

Getting to Sleep in the Heat           

Among the people that were researched, a lot of the people surveyed opted for sleeping without their bed covers or opening windows. A small number of the people surveyed said that they would opt for sleeping in different beds. Some others said that there would instead settle for a lower-rated duvet.

Some other inventive and initiative ideas that can help you keep fresh during the heat include:

  • Take a cold shower before you go to bed.
  • Keep the curtains and blinds in your bedroom closed in the day to help keep out the sun.
  • Use a spray bottle that is filled with up cold water as a cooling mist when needed.
  • You can invent a DIY air conditioner by setting up a bowl of ice in front of the fan in your room. Or find affordable refurbished packaged terminal air conditioners (PTAC) units at PTAC4Less.
  • You can chill a pair of your socks by keeping them in the fridge and use them to cool off the heat by putting them on before you go to bed.

The research also made by the auto-switching service providers also revealed that most of the homes in the United Kingdom were not designed for hot weather or heat. A lot of the houses are well insulated, and air conditioners were not a standard.

While the hot weather and heat signify beer gardens and Barbeques, it also means many sleepless nights. Some of the tips provided above help you get a good night’s rest during the hot weather, and heat is quite unusual.

You can also do other simple things in your home to keep the heat in and stay warm. We will highlight some of them below.

Move the Furniture

You might not know this, but moving your furniture around can increase the warmth in your house. Furniture that covers heat sources like your radiators should be removed. Ensure that your heaters have free access for maximum use.

Reduce Loss of Chimney Heat

You can use a chimney sheep, balloon, or umbrella to ensure that draughts do not enter. It would also help you prevent the warm air from escaping.

Set Timers

Set timers on your boiler. This action will give it enough time to heat up before you need it, instead of just cranking it up when you feel cold. Boilers work at a consistent speed, regardless of the temperature.

The Electric Fan

The electric fan, which is ever humble, is still one of the most available solutions to combat the heat during the heatwave. It might cost 7p per night, but it is a price that a lot of people are willing to pay.       

The research also revealed and suggested that changing your supplier would come in handy for those concerned about their energy bills increasing over the summer. They help you save as much as 315 euros per year, which is enough for you to power an electric fan per night over the next 14 years.

You don’t need to worry about mounting up that electricity bill with our handy solutions to keep you warm during the heat. You can also save on the power bill by changing your supplier to one that helps you conserve energy.

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