The ways in which phone manufacturers are one-upping each other

You’re probably wondering whether or not it really even matters whether a phone company still innovates its products. Phones these days are so similar to their last generation that it’s a bit difficult to even think about the potential worth of the newest additions to the phones every single year. Today we’re going to go over some of the ways in which phone manufacturers are differentiating themselves from the rest with brand new tech which seems like a real innovation these days, not just an incremental upgrade that you’re seeing with each new installment of the phone.

Screens with no bezels with a high refresh rate

When OnePlus came out with their 7 Pro model, everyone was going nuts over the screen and how fast it was with its 90Hz refresh rate. However, OnePlus isn’t the first phone to achieve these high refresh rates. Some phones such as the Razer phone managed to hit 120Hz as well, however it should be said that these were done on an LCD panel rather than an OLED screen. OnePlus is the first company to achieve this high refresh rate on their newest flagship phone and you have to give them props for that.

Faster charging speeds than ever before in history

New chargers are coming out and they can all seem to charge your phone at incredible speeds. You have the latest Xiaomi phone which was announced to be able to charge your phone in an incredible feat of only 17 minutes. This was to be done with a 4000mAh battery as well, so that’s plenty of juice to keep you going throughout the day. However, now Vivo is announcing their 120W charger which will be able to charge a battery with 4000mAh capacity in only 13 minutes. They displayed the technology at a conference but there’s no word of when the tech will hit the market.

Incredible in display technology with sensors and cameras

phone display technology

Some of the things that the newest phones can do would be completely unimaginable back in the day. Now you can get phones which can read your fingerprint though the glass by using RGB camera technology as well as sound waves that travel to your finger and back. But now there are talks about cameras within the screens so that there would be no more need for any motorized parts as well as no needs for bezels, notches and cutouts a well.

Get ready for some more crazy tech that will hit the market soon

If you think that phone manufacturers are running out of innovating ideas, then you’re completely mistaken. There are still so many new things that are about to come out which you’ll absolutely love with these new phones. It seems more likely than ever that you’ll be using your phone primarily when playing some best adult games for example. It’s just so easy to use them and they‘re so smooth and fast these days.

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