The Top 7 Benefits of Owning an Indoor Gas Heater

Indoor Gas Heaters are an excellent form of heating, with many benefits including being energy efficient, reliable for heat, and low ongoing running costs. With Natural gas or portable lpg gas heaters, there are many advantages to using gas to heat your home. Unlike electricity which accounts for up to 40% of your power bill+, it’s never too late than now to discover the benefits of Indoor Gas Heating! In this article we outline 7 reasons you should choose one indoors today:

gas heater

1. They are energy efficient

Indoor Heaters are better for the environment than any other form of heating. Gas Heaters are far more efficient than electric heaters, with a half-life of up to 15 years, meaning that you will use less gas over time and pay less on your energy bills!

2. They’re easy to maintain

Gas Heaters only need to be serviced once every 6-12 months and have a lifespan of up to 15 years, ensuring that they will last longer than any other form of heating system. Unlike electric heaters which need constant servicing and cleaning, gas heaters require no maintenance or attention.

3. They’re affordable

Gas Heaters are an affordable option for heating your home. Gas Heaters are cheaper to run than electric heaters, with a running cost of just £1.50 per hour on a typical household, compared to £4.72 per hour on an electric heater!

4. They’re safe

Gas Heaters are extremely safe and easy to install. Gas Heaters are designed and manufactured following the current safety regulations set by the government and come with an MCB (Manual Cut-Out) safety feature which is designed to cut power supply as soon as a gas leak is detected in the room you are heating. Due to this feature, no one will ever be left at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning or fire from a gas heater.

5. They’re eco-friendly

Gas Heaters are extremely environmentally friendly, as they do not produce any harmful pollutants or gases which can cause adverse health effects for your family or the environment. Gas heaters are safe to install in any room in the home and can be used in conjunction with a portable gas cylinder if necessary, which will further decrease its environmental impact.

6. They’re easy to install

Gas Heaters are very simple to install and have a relatively low cost of installation. You will not need any specialist skills to install a gas heater and the average DIYer can install a gas heater in around two hours (and some DIYers claim they can do it in half an hour!).

7. They’re safe

Gas Heaters are safe to use and will not cause carbon monoxide poisoning or fire hazards like electric heaters, which can prove fatal if used incorrectly. Gas Heaters also make it easier for you to detect any potential gas leaks. If you suspect there is a leak, you can simply turn off the heat from the thermostat or switch on your

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