The Science of Sleep: What Makes a Good Night’s Sleep

Getting eight hours of sleep every day is what most doctors recommend to stay fit and healthy. However, a large number of the world’s population doesn’t get the right amount of sleep every day due to various human conditions such as work, important events, and some deep thinking. If you think you’re always sleepy and feeling tired or it’s hard for you to get enough sleep, it might be best for you to seek professional advice. Waking up every day feeling weak and not in the mood is a sign that you are not getting enough sleep that your body needs. If you are tired of that setup and in dire need of achieving an eight-hour of sleep every day, here are some ways to help you get a good night’s sleep that will help you boost your health and improve your productivity.

Good Night's Sleep

Be Consistent

Everyone has a sleeping pattern. Most experts call it Circadian Rhythm. It is one of the best techniques you can apply for you to have a good night’s sleep. For you to do this, you need to be consistent with your sleeping and waking hours. Based on an experiment done by professionals, people with irregular sleeping patterns tend to sleep very poorly and change the level of melatonin in your body, which triggers the signal to your brain affecting your sleeping pattern. If you’re having a hard time going to sleep, try to make a routine of waking up and going to bed at the same time. You’ll realize after a week, that you may not even need to put an alarm on your phone. 

Be Comfortable

If you are wondering why most people prefer to sleep in a hotel, that is because they offer the most comfortable mattress you could ever feel. Experts say that bed quality can also affect the quality of your sleep, this goes beyond your bed and includes your sheets, pillows, and even your bamboo quilt cover. According to a recent study, having a good quality organic mattress for side sleepers reduces the percentage of back and shoulder pains by sixty percent. Thus, improving the way you sleep. Most experts suggest that you need to upgrade your mattress at least every five to eight years. If you are planning to change yours, there are these new adjustable beds that are very chic in design and give you great comfort. If you live around Australia, checking out for adjustable beds in Sydney would be a great idea. Always remember that your bed can make a huge difference in giving you good quality sleep.

Clear Your Mind

Many people who have experienced sleep deprivation have made a statement that for you to get a good night’s sleep, you have to relax and clear your thoughts. To achieve this, you need to do something that will make you feel comfortable. You can either play a relaxing playlist on your phone or even do stretching. Whatever that makes you feel relaxed. According to health professionals, doing any relaxation activity before going to bed has shown a significant improvement in the quality of sleep and was able to somehow treat insomnia. 

Reduce Light Exposure

Everyone says that light is good for the skin. It has benefits that our body can enjoy. However, when we talk about light exposure during nighttime, it tells a different story. Something opposite to the latter. The light that you get exposed to during nighttime tricks your brain into thinking that it is still daytime. Reducing the melatonin in your body. If you are not aware of what these lights are, these are the blue lights that your phone and computer emit. To help reduce your exposure, medical experts suggest you wear glasses that help block blue light and stop using your gadgets one to two hours before your bedtime.

These are just home of the ways you can do to get better sleep. Remember that sleeping is not just an ordinary human routine. It plays an important role in everyone’s health.

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