The Many Surprising Benefits of Gaming

Gaming has certainly changed in the past two decades, where it was once primarily a niche interest with a target audience of mostly young males, modern gaming options have seen a dramatic change as the new audience are primarily women over the age of 34, with mobile being the most used platform for gaming too. This change has also seen a big adjustment in the favourite genres played too, with the likes of gambling options where some at Casino Genie can be found have become amongst the most popular. Gaming has a surprising number of benefits that have been discovered over the years, too, and these many new players are exploring them.

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Gaming can be a great tool for problem-solving – Whilst this is something that has become a criticism in recent years as some modern AAA titles rely on hand-holding and guiding players through without much difficulty added, other titles do certainly put you through your paces and have you explore and discover your own path through. Playing these titles can definitely help improve your own problem-solving skills in subjects outside of gaming, and there has been plenty of research and studies conducted showing those who play strategy-based titles whilst young have much better problem-solving skills than those who don’t, and that it has helped them in their academic pursuits too.

Some games can help with creativity, too – Whilst finding different ways to solve a problem can be considered as a different approach to creativity, there are some titles, especially over the past decade, that has been created as their primary focus. Survival and building games like Minecraft or Terraria help place a premium on being creative in the ways you build structures or approach certain gaming mechanics, and as such, if you’re someone who feels creativity is something you may be lacking, playing these games may help you a little in the future to think a bit differently, and a bit more creatively.

Gamers can have better social skills – Certain genres aren’t entirely a solo effort. They can have you rely on many teammates to succeed in a goal; whether this is through tough battles in MMORPGs or co-ordinated shooters, you’re often required to communicate well with other players to succeed. Similar to the above, studies and research have shown that children who have played games where this is necessary tend to have better social skills and build better relationships with others – quite different from the typical stereotype that gamers can be shy and quiet, and platforms like Twitch and live streaming have helped to show this social side of gaming and just how important it is more than ever.

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