The Importance of Installing a GPS Camera on Commercial Fleets

GPS cameras, also known as dashcams, provide amazing technology features that help fleet companies and commercial drivers maintain their vehicles’ safety on the road. These cameras are now part of a GPS tracker that sits lightly on the vehicle’s windshield to track live location and helps fleet management companies monitor their drivers on the road.

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 It’s a huge part of how commercial truck and fleet companies maintain safer operations and reduce damage costs. GPS cameras and similar technologies bring many benefits to the table when it comes to enforcing safety rules and behaviors. Here are a few of the many important benefits you get when your company installs GPS cameras in commercial vehicles.

Reduced Maintenance and Costs

GPS cameras store the daily history of road data that can help you optimize your driver’s scheduled routes over time and cut down on maintenance costs. Plus, monitoring your drivers and keeping an eye on their driving speeds and fuel usage will help the company save fuel money and enforce reasonable speed limits. Many of the systems used in these GPS technologies provide automatic alerts that notify fleet control when drivers exceed their speed limits. This way, commercial fleet companies can save costs and reduce the maintenance needed for their vehicles. 

Enforce Safe Driving Behaviors

Knowing exactly where your drivers allow for faster responses to unwanted behaviors and emergencies in some cases. When drivers know that they are being watched, it’s easier to enforce safety policies and consequent actions to prohibited behaviors. Irresponsible driving behaviors include speeding, hard braking, and the use of cellphones while driving. A GPS tracking system provides footage and evidence that can prove the driver’s liability or lack of fault whenever they cause accidental damage or hurt someone on the road. These systems also track and record essential data relating to drivers’ accidents, including the time and location of the incident, which can strengthen liability evidence.

Wide Surveillance 

GPS cameras provide a full monitoring system that tracks fleet vehicles’ exact location and updates fleet management with a live GPS feed. Experts from say that most road mishaps happen due to the lack of surveillance on fleet vehicles during working hours. By installing fleet GPS cameras, you stay updated with every route your vehicles take and help you to respond quickly to emergencies before potential accidents are caused. You also get to be updated with the drivers’ identities using your vehicles in case you encounter trouble and want to take coaching actions with the responsible driver. 

Lower Insurance Rates

Improving your company’s driver’s Compliance Safety and Accountability, or the CSA score is all about showing fleet discipline and safety maintenance when managing commercial vehicles. A good CSA score improves your company’s chances of getting lower insurance premiums. GPS cameras installed in your fleet show that your management staff can monitor drivers’ behavior closely and interfere whenever reckless driving, speeding, or misuse of company vehicles is observed. This eventually proves your fleet’s discipline and shows insurers that your company follows strict safety measures to avoid accidents and reduce hazards.

Smart Alerts

Enhancements on GPS dash cams developed intelligent alerting systems that notify users at the occurrence of a few parameter breaches.  The device alarms you whenever any of your vehicles run on a bad engine, turn on the AC, has loud noise coming from the cabin, or even take longer stops than allowed. Artificial intelligence in these systems makes it possible for managers to act immediately whenever things go bad and correct unwanted behaviors. Fleet management can also adjust the alerting system and control which actions need to be flagged as alarming while using these trackers.

Theft Prevention 

When you have 24/7 provision on your vehicles, you can be updated with every commercial vehicle’s exact location, and that can be helpful in case one of them gets stolen. Without live tracking, you would have no clue of where the stolen vehicle is.

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This information can be beneficial when you report the case to the authorities; an updated location of the stolen truck can speed up the process of returning it. Installing a monitoring system in your vehicles in the first place prevents the chances of theft because when thieves realize the truck is monitored, they are less likely to attempt to steal it. 

Fleet management is not easy, especially with so much money at stake if a serious accident occurs and one of your drivers is responsible. The least you can do is make sure your commercial vehicles are safe to use and that your drivers are trained properly according to the federal safety rules and obligations. Installing dash cameras in your fleet vehicles will be the safest decision you take and will offer you full fleet surveillance, lowered operation prices, and protection against theft.

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