The Best Places for Programming Graduates to Find Work

A degree in computer programming doesn’t always necessarily guarantee you a job on your doorstep after graduating. Finding work as a programming graduate can be much more complicated than you first anticipated; however, looking further afield can be the answer to all of your job hunt problems. Here are some of the up-and-coming destinations where programming graduates should be looking to find work:

New York

Predictably New York comes up trumps when looking for destinations to find a programming job. With thousands of tech companies based in the thriving city, it’s easy to see why it’s the first place many programming graduates look. With a fantastic variety of tech companies based there, from giants like Apple to smaller start-up companies, there are thousands of tech companies based there, and the industry is rapidly expanding, with the funding for tech companies increasing by 240% in the years between 2003-2013.



For those wanting to find a programming job in England, it’s the same case as with many industries, London is the place to be. With tons of tech companies based there and new start-ups establishing themselves year upon year, there’s a buoyant job market for programmers wanting to head to the big smoke. Some of the most noted employers based in London include SaleCycle, NewVoiceMedia and Clearswift, who all recruit for new talent

San Francisco

A city where most employees tend to work in the tech sector, San Francisco is a great place to target if you’re looking for an entry-level programming job. With many tech companies based in the bay area and the border of the state in the famous Silicon Valley Area, where large tech companies are always recruiting new talent quite aggressively.


Over the past five years, Munich has become a bit of a European hub for the IT industries from overseas. It has long held the title of Germany’s tech capital however, Amazon and Google have recently opened offices there alongside Siemens, making the area a prime location for programming graduates who want to live and work in Europe. It’s an excellent location for junior programmers who are looking to start careers in aviation, aerospace and engineering, with an abundance of high-tech companies in these fields.


Boasting a vast number of technology companies, Singapore is an ideal location for starting your programming career, with giants like Microsoft, LinkedIn and UbiSoft all based in the republic with innovation and development a key focus. As a junior programmer, Singapore offers plenty of opportunities to get started in in the industry being home to some of the world’s most famous and reputable brands.

With the help of a company like Withers, who can support with any information you may require in terms of transferring to a company overseas, the transition should be pretty straightforward. With all these junior programming opportunities available across the globe, it’s time to start sending your CV out internationally.

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