Take a Look Closer to the World of Beer Menu

World of Beer is the revolutionary bar in the world. This bar is not only serving beer but also delicious foods and endless joy for the visitors. Here is some of its menu that become the best-seller in the World of Beer Menu.

beer menu


Bread is always a good choice accompanied the beer. In World of Beer, you can get the best delicious breed you will never find in any other place. You can choose a lot of variants of bread that perfect to be consumed personally or in a group.

Tavern Shares

Ordering large-sized food is a good idea, especially if you are hangout with the gang. In World of Beer, you can get many shared-food choices to increase the joy of drinking beer.

Cocktails & Wine

Is it beer only? Nope, in World of Beer, you can also order the classy liquor that makes your dinner become perfect.

What defines a beer?

Beer is a must for modern people nowadays. After the stressful routine 9 to 5, having a glass of beer or a drum may be a good choice for you and the gang. Beer is not just an alcoholic drink. It can also describe as the recreation, way of life, and the fun way to get along with your colleagues. 

People have different drinking habits. For example, people in the United States associate beer with parties, games, and endless fun. While people in Japan, for instance, associating beer with the weekend rewards or the rewards after they are working hard in their office.

All of those understanding of beer is correct. Beer is made for fun, and people knew it well. Then, what is beer? Beer is an alcoholic drink created by a mixture of water, barley, and some yeasts. For some people, beer is quite dangerous since they find some troubles initiated by this drink, but actually, beer is good for the health as long as it is consumed properly.

What is beer, and how is it made?

Beer is an alcoholic drink that was invented a very long time ago. Most of the beer has some similarities in its essential ingredients as the combination of yeast, water, and malt. Each region or country has its signature to create the best beer for the people in their locale. 

Before we get into the technical way of creating the beer, we need to know about the beer’s history in the world first. Beer is first invented in Babylonia, in the Sumer region, to be precise. The scientist then finds the most substantial proof towards the history of the beer from the relic in Egypt, showing the mechanism in creating the older beer in there 2400 BC. People are making a beer by combining the water with some of the germinated barley. After that, that mixture is dried until it is shaped like a cookie. Whenever they want to drink it, they can barely pour the dried barley into the glass of water. 

Then how to create the beer in modern ways? Today people are making beer with the fermentation method. They still use the old process by combining yeast, water, and several ingredients else that some regions use different materials. Then the mixture will be placed in a drum and placed in the particular room. After the process is completed, the beer can be server both in iced-cold or regular beer. Have fun!

How do you drink beer?

Drinking beer is a tradition for most people in the world. Each country or even region has a different way of enjoying a glass of beer (or two). We can say that beer is the manifestation of the joy between the people. A beer per se has become a part of pop culture globally even though its existence is relatively older since it was invented. You may see the beer-pong, beer-race, and some other fun games using this drink as its fundamental component. 

Beer is perfect to be served in many ways. Some people love to drink it in a small cup and drink it slowly, some people love to drink it on the bigger glass with fun, and some people love to drink it together from the barrel or a large tower glass. All of those methods are fine and acceptable. Those ways can bring you the maximum joyous in gaining fun with the beer. In World of Beer, the people who visit the bar always have different ways of drinking beer. They are always come with enthusiast and end up in priceless fun. 

Suppose you want to know how to drink the beer properly. Here are some tips for drinking the beer:

  1. Choose the beer that you prefer. You can ask the bartender first to find which beer that you may like. Some of the bars only serve the signature beer, but others may serve various branded beer and liquor. The bartender is always listening, so never get hesitated to ask for some suggestion from them.
  2. If you are driving home alone or you do not like to get into the hangover at the end of the visit to the bar, you can order the beer in the small or normal cup for personal. But if you are an expert in the drinking universe, you can ask the bartender the bigger glass indeed.
  3. Let’s assume that you are ordering the bottled beer. You have to slowly pour it on the glass, or the beer bubble will load up on the glass. Some people are using the fun ways. They pour the beer into the glass and slurping the bubble that exceeding the glass while their hand is still pouring at it.
  4. You can drink your beer slowly to appreciate the taste, or you can also drink it fast to get the fun of drinking a beer. It is all yours to choose from. 
  5. If you like the ice-cold beer, that would be the perfect one but never put the ice first at the glass. Why, because it drives the glass to become slippery and foggy. You can add the ice water while the beer is in the glass.
  6. Drink it as much as your body accepts it. If you feel like you will get a hangover, you can stop for a while and fill your stomach with some foods from the bar.

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