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Turn Vibrations In To Electricity

With the current talk about global warming, and the impact of carbon emissions on our planet, focus is now shifting to green energy, and wind electricity has reigned supreme in this regard. People, organizations, and even governments are investing heavily in coming up with wind turbines to generate the much needed electricity. However, traditionally wind energy has been associated with huge installation costs, expensive turbines, and so forth. In this regard, researchers have come up with the less expensive Vibro wind set up, which uses less space, is not as expensive, and produces much electricity. These Vibro wind panels will work like the solar panels do, where they will be fitted on top of buildings, where they will not only generate electricity, but will also convert even minor wind breezes. Unlike windmills and turbines that need plenty of space for them to be installed, the Vibro wind panels will herald a new dawn, where smaller and equally effective wind set ups will be used. It is worth noting that this project is being done in conjunction with engineers and architects, to ensure that it does not flop. This is also meant to ensure that the mechanical energy is easily converted…

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Is green technology really green?

It is necessary that we understand clearly what green technology is before we get into se whether the green technology is really green. Green technology means use of the technology in such a manner that it will not affect the environment and will not harm the natural resources. They should be environmental friendly.  This green technology is being otherwise referred by the term clean technology or the environment technology. At present the green technology can be considered to be in the initial stages of the development. As the years turn around, in the future, the green technology will become very bright and there will be some improvement in the standards of the environment. Hence the important objective or the aim of the green technology is to find technological ways, which will damage the earth’s resource. The green technology aims in producing materials, which can be recycled and also can be reused. It also fins the technology such that the amount of the waste gets reduced during the process of the consumption and the fabrication stages. Types of the green technology

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