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Using SVN for embedded projects. Part 1.

Writing software is complex task. In every microcontroller program you usually try to reuse previously written libraries, downloaded code and other data that is being updated. What if you are developing something in team? How to keep track of everything? Storing project files in directories eventually get messy – eventually you loose track of whats done. For instance some time you have written LCD library and used in several microcontroller projects. But eventually you found a bug, or optimized code. Normally you would have to copy new library files in every project to keep updated. This is hard when you already have dozens of projects. There is one way to stay organized by using version control software. In this case we will talk about SVN. Subversion (SVN) is an open source system that allows controlling files and folders, keep track of changes made during time. Simply speaking SVN is a virtual file system that keeps track of every change in files, directories. It’s a smart way of storing project files either you are working alone or in team. Using this system smart you will always have things organized and never loose version of your files gain. TortoiseSVN your repository tool…

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