Buy new or upgrade non-gaming PC?

There is no secret that everyone would like to have the newest technology in their hands. This applies to computers and cars, appliances, phones, and anything else you can think of. Let’s leave the rest and stick with computers. There are many types of people, depending on how they use their PCs. I can think of gamers, hardcore gamers, browsers, active social networks, movie watchers, writers, designers, scientists, and even more. Actually, it doesn’t matter how many groups there are or what they do. It matters if you are satisfied with what you get. Probably the most complex life is for gamers. To play the latest games with the best settings, they must be in front when speaking about computer performance. If the budget allows them to invest in high-end graphical cards, overclocks CPUs that need sound cooling systems. Big monitor or multiple of them is also one of the priorities. If you fall into this category, then you all set for the rest workload you can think of.

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