6 Frugal Tips to Help Pay Down Debt

paying down debt tips

Debt. Ugh, what a horrible word. Can we just erase this word from the dictionary completely? If you carry around debt with you, then you know exactly how the sound of that word feels. It is stressful, it causes frustration, and it makes you want to curl up and not face reality. But before you panic, consider these strategies (especially for college students) to help you start paying down your debt, whether it is from student loans, personal missteps, or both. 1. Don’t Just Pay the Minimum Whether you are paying your student loan or a credit card bill, do not simply just pay the minimum. Of course, if you are short one month, the minimum is all that is required to keep your account in good standing, but the more you pay, the quicker you can pay down your debt. To ensure financial efficiency, try to send in additional money that you have instead of pulling from your savings account or your other funds. For example, if you plan to spend $200 on groceries, but you only spend $150, then send the extra $50 to your debt.

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