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Updating STM32 C template with CMSIS V3

So far we’ve been using an old template with CMSIS version 1.30. Since then it was updated several times by adding support of new Cortex processor families, fixing several bugs and adding new features. They also changed the folder structure of CMSIS to be more generic. And there is a CMSIS DSP library integrated. With it, you can do complex math tasks using only a few lines of code. So why not upgrading our software template for Sourcery Codebench G++ toolchain with new CMSIS. Also, we are going to get rid of external makefile with ARM GCC Eclipse plug-in. How to install and use this plugin we discussed in previous posts (part1 and part2). First of all download the latest CMSIS package from arm.com/cmsis. You will have to register to access download files. Package with CMSIS, DSP library and documentation weights about 45MB. Since we are working with ST32 microcontrollers, you also need to download STM32F10x Standard Peripheral Library from STMicroelectronics.

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