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C-60 SOLAR POWERED AIRCRAFT In this project we are going to show you to power an aircraft from solarcells and have an uninterrupted flight for 50 minutes with the aid of a dc source excluding solar cells. The project is concerned with the uninterrupted flight by using renewable energy i.e. solar cells energy and have a smooth and long flight without fuel to any desired place as long as the sunlight is available, on the dismissal of sunlight the dc battery source will be there to drive the aircraft. This air craft is also capable of one to one communication for such areas where wireless communication is inaccessible. The aircraft is equipped with Xbee-S1module (Communication module) which is communicated to the Xbee in inaccessible wireless areas. The Xbee of inaccessible area fetch the data from the sensor in that area and transfer this data to the Xbee in aircraft, storing in the SD card in aircraft.  After the aircraft flight is ended the SD card data can be fetched via computer and graph of complete analysis of that area in excel sheet.

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Evolution of Solar Cells

With the non-renewable sources of nature diminishing and the global warming effect increasing, Solar energy is vital in the present times because the power demand in the world is a never-ending process. And the emergence of solar cells in the 19th century has signified the importance of solar energy today, in our lives. A solar cell is a device converting sunlight energy directly into electricity using the photovoltaic effect. The term “photovoltaic” is used since 1849, derived from Greek ‘phos’ meaning “light” and ‘voltaic’ meaning “electric” from the name of the Italian physicist Volta. Today, these solar cells or the photovoltaic cells are used to make solar panels, solar modules, or photovoltaic arrays.

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