Human And Machines Got Even Closer

In this era, when technology continues to get advanced and better, it may pleasantly surprise many to note that machines are getting closer to humans. They are performing duties that no one hitherto would be possible. In other words, machines and gadgets are being invented that can imitate human functioning, for example, in the human brain, eyes, and so forth. But perhaps one of the latest inventions, a clear manifestation of humans getting even closer to humans, is the machine that has been made and can imitate the human voice. The device was invented as part of completion for the Artificial Conversational Entities, known as the ACE. Several machines that could mimic the human voice were entered for the competition, and the winner was really awesome. During the competition, judges selected some of the five best machines and competed for five minutes to get the best. This comprised a five minute kind of interrogation, where there were unrestricted conversations with the machines, which tried to pass off as human beings. So real did these machines sound that one would not tell whether one was a machine or a human being.

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