Mind/Though Controlled Robot Arms

The human mind is an excellent feature of God’s creation. Only with our mind, our body parts are controlled and made to do certain activities. Thus, when a person is brain dead, he cannot move his body or lift his arms and legs. The mind is the main thing needed to make the whole body function more effectively. Now, according to the new research study, the human mind can control robot arms. Robot arms are fitted to persons who have lost theirs in an accident or through some other means. For those who are disabled, just a mere robot arm which does actions only when a button is pressed doesn’t help. To make a more efficient and effective robot arm, scientists have created a robot arm that can be controlled by the person’s mind. The mind is used now though to control robot arms. The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago introduced the first woman to be fitted with robot arms or bionic arm technology. This woman met with an accident, and her left arm was amputated from the shoulder. She has now been fixed with a robot arm with which she can now think and make the arm do the thingsā€¦

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