Raspberry Pi camera module

raspberry pi camera

Recently I’ve received a Raspberry pi camera board. So decided to make a post about it. Raspberry PI comes with two interesting connectors on board. One is between Ethernet and HDMI and another is near GPIO. The one closer to Ethernet connector is CSI (Camera Serial Interface) bus interface. This interface is common in mobile phones with cameras. This interface is specially designed for high data rates that is necessary for transferring pixel data. Camera board is a small size (25mm x 20mm x 9mm) board where fixed focus 5MP camera module (OV5647) is assembled. Camera connects to Raspberry Pi via 15cm ribbon cable. Camera module is capable of producing 1080p images at 30fps or 720p at 60 fps and 640x480p at 60/90 fps. Obviously such images and fps require high speed interface and processing. So CSI is connected directly go Raspberry Pi GPU which can process images without ARM intervention. This is why camera module is much better choice than USB camera which occupies main processor and slows down whole system. GPU processing also benefits with fast H264 video encoding and JPEG compression capabilities.

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