DSP processors and their characteristics

The processing of the various signals is carried out through implements that are together called DSP hardware. This includes the hardware that is used for transmission of signals, multiple devices that are used to enhance or filter the signals, analog to digital and digital to analog converters, and other processing equipment such as computers. Among the hardware mentioned above, digital signal processors are the ones in which the actual processing occurs. Usually, the digital signal processors today have the following characteristics: They are equipped to handle real-time processing, i.e., they can give the optimal performance even when streaming data is being fed into them. The memories that are used to store programs are different from the ones used to store data. They do not provide hardware that supports multitasking. It can be used as a direct memory access device in supporting or host environments. They take analog signals as input, convert them into the digital form, process the signals, and then, Specific them back into the analogous form. They make use of the Direct Memory Access technique. The digital signal processors usually have architecture so as to optimise the following features:

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