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5 Scientific Fields Benefiting from Laser Technology

We all had one of those point-and-click lasers as a kid. But funnily enough, that’s generally the extent of knowledge your average person has about the capabilities of lasers. They know that a laser can be more powerful, of course, but have limited understanding of their potential. The truth is that there have been numerous advances in laser technology that allow them to be used in a variety of ways. Because of this, there are dozens of fields that rely on laser technology. Today, we’re going to look at five scientific areas where laser technology is indispensable. The Medical Field One of the primary fields that laser technology has had a severe impact on is the medical profession. First of all, laser technology is prominent in developing medicines and treatments for common illnesses. Many biologists use laser-powered microscopes to isolate particular microscopic organisms, helping them find the specific bacteria and viruses that cause illnesses. This has and will continue to allow us to create cutting-edge treatments to combat rampant diseases. Additionally, laser treatment is a prominent form of therapy used to prevent the spreading of cancer. Surgeons use high-beam lasers to destroy cancer cells. Lasers are most commonly used to…

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