How a VPN can lead to a more secure internet connection


Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs as they are more commonly know, are becoming more and more relevant with every data breach scandal that is publicised. There has been a lot of publicity around the usage of VPNs, with Apple recently removing all VPN apps from the Chinese app store, as well as the revelation that VPNs are an effective tool in the battle against Wi-Fi vulnerability. However, to the average computer user, VPNs don’t exist, and they probably don’t realise that they probably need one. Using a VPN is incredibly easy, and is considered to be a necessity for the consumer in 2019. First of all, establishing how a Virtual Private Network actually works. In the most basic sense, without a VPN, your computer could be seen as vulnerable. Your internet service provider is able to see all the content you are accessing, such as streaming sites, torrents, as well as games. However, when connected to a VPN, the server that you connect to will act as a gateway between your personal computer and the websites. The VPN acts as a middleman for your browsing activity, you send a request to the VPN, the VPN then sends a request to…

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4 Ways to Use Your Devices for Good

The web has been responsible for some of the most significant, defining inventions of the past few decades, from world-changing technology to cats that play keyboards. A good example of the former is Bitcoin, a decentralized, ultra-secure cryptocurrency that eventually found a home in the iGaming community. The token, which was briefly worth more than gold earlier this year, traces its roots back to a mailing list active in 2008. Crowd Computing It’s probably fair to say that many of the more notable advances in e-commerce, as the development of PayPal and Skill, wouldn’t have been possible without the internet. For example, MrSpin, an online casino brand unique for building its slot machine games in-house, lets players make a deposit by phone bill in denominations of £3, £5, and £10. It’s a valuable alternative to debit cards for people who like to play casino games but lack access to the traditional plastic.

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