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Human Power Generators

The developments in the field of science and technology has cashed heavily over the existing sources of power. This has slowly depleted the non-renewable sources of power such as power from burning of fossil fuels like petrol and diesel. Also researchers and scientists have scoped that if existing consumption of fossil fuels exist, this may degrade fossil fuel source and leave the survival of future generation under spot of bother. This in turn has churned the minds of scientists and professionals in field of science to strategize new ways of developing power. This made scientists to postulate the significance of renewable sources. Researches were carried out all over the world to mobilize the thoughts of using renewable sources in daily life to substitute the existing sources of power. This laid to development of human power generators that help to produce power by establishing contacts between work done by a human being and simple manifestation of awe-inspiring thoughts to transform as generators. This has provoked several manufacturers to materialize the human power technology into simple gadgets so as to make people enjoy the fruits of advancements in science and technology. Physiological features There are certain physiological features that establish suitable useā€¦

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