Robots home helpers taking over a work load

Domestic robots or home helpers can be used for household chores like vacuum cleaning and serving guests. Science inventions and technological breakthroughs have enabled the use and help of these artificial human beings to be greatly received and appreciate for the ease at which they are making be. Some people are even demanding much more improved robots that can actually think and do things just like a human in a more natural way With the trend and emergence of more technology, it is presumed that robots that are home helpers will be more common shortly than it has ever been seen. Right now, the most commonly used robot home helpers are vacuum cleaners. The vacuum cleaners use an air pump to create a semi or partial vacuum to suck up dust and dirt from the floors. The collected dirt and dust are also stored in the dust bag or cyclone for future disposal. These robots home helpers are actually creating and making work much easier and faster as well as efficient. All one needs to do is control the vacuum cleaner as it collects all the dust from the floors or tables and leaving them spotlessly clean

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