The U.S. and the Changing World of Medicine

There is no doubt that as everything else is evolving with new technology, medicine is too. The issue is that in the US, our medical system is broken, and the insurance companies are too rigid. Doctors and other medical personnel have managed to work despite these difficulties and still provide excellent patient care, along with successful new techniques. With the advance of biomedical research, doctors will be able to better tackle health issues in ways that are cost-effective. Automation is only one area where there is new technology coming to the fore. Because of this advancement, linear actuators are being used more often than hydraulic and pneumatic systems. They range in size from very small to huge ones. Aside from the changes that technology has seen, there are quite a few other reasons that have made these actuators necessary, such as the ever-growing need for power-assisted seating and motorized wheelchairs.

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