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Testing NEO-6M GPS receiver module

If your project requires global positioning feature, then you should use one of many GSP modules. There are many receiver modules and expansion boards available for your choice. They vary in PCB size, functionality, antennas used and price. In most cases, you are probably looking for simple, small all in one solution where GPS receiver and antenna would be on the same package. Recently I have picked one that might fit for most needs – GPS receiver NEO-6M module with ceramic antenna and TTL serial interface. It is a very compact GPS module with most needed features:

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Icon A5 Bring The Flying Experience into a Next New Level!

If you’re a vivid aircraft flier and you’re already bored with the recently small airplane or helicopter, then you must check this Icon A5… This Icon A5 is simply a new breakthrough in the aviation industry, where it intended for all those novice fliers that have big ambition to try a more exhilarating flying experience. For your information, the Icon A5 is a low-cost, seaworthy, easy-to-fly and easy-to-store aircraft that highly suitable for all the fliers that want to have some fun! This sleek floatplane has two folding wings that make it compact enough to tow home and store in your garage without any hassles at all. Furthermore, the Icon A5 uses a sports-car-like instrument panel with GPS navigation and minimal instrumentation to decrease the confusion of the flier. The Icon A5 is equipped with a 100-horsepower engine and it can run on unleaded gas, so it can refuel at most marinas. The maximum airspeed of Icon A5 is 120 knots (138 mph) and the maximum stall speed is 45 knots (52 mph). The Icon A5 is to be expected to introduce on the market by late 2010 with the starting price of $139,000. If you’re interested on this stuff,…

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