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Biosignal Properties

The term Biosignal refers to all the signals generated in the human body or any other living organism. More specifically, it represents all those signals from living organisms that are monitored to obtain certain usage information. Primarily, the term refers to electrical signals in nature, but some non-electric signals are monitored. Typically, the changes in potential difference across a certain tissue in the body are measured in the case of bio-electric signals. Let us have a look at a few of the properties of biosignals generated by the human body that are analyzed to obtain information: Electroencephalography In the case of Electroencephalography, the activity of the human brain is monitored. Usually, at a synapse (junctions between the nervous system cells), the flow of ions occurs. This results in the formation of various signals that are used by the body to transfer information. The voltage variations caused by these signals are recorded, and thus, the brain’s activity is measured. Magnetoencephalography In Magnetoencephalography, the magnetic fields produced by the variations of electric currents that form the brain activity are monitored. For this, devices such as SQUID (Superconducting Quantum Interface Devices) are used to have high sensitivity. Many difficulties are faced one tries…

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