Dental technologies shaping today’s dental care

Just like marmite, we either love or hate visiting the dentist. But no matter what your opinion of visiting your local dental practice is, there’s no denying that new and innovative dental technologies continue to shape today’s dental care, helping to solve and identify oral issues early on. From finding the best dental implants Turkey has to offer, improving the way patient records are stored and the ease of access, the innovations are endless, so to find out how dental technologies are shaping today’s dental care, continue reading! Digital X-Rays Undergoing an x-ray for an accurate insight into your mouths, health is somewhat nerve-wracking, but we do it for a reason. Not only do digital x-rays expose patients and dental surgeons and nurses to up to 90% less radiation than the more traditional film x-rays, but they are also better for the environment because they don’t require developing. Within seconds of taking the image, they appear on a computer screen for your dentist to examine, identifying possible infections in the bone, cysts, tumours, developmental abnormalities, periodontal disease and small areas of decay between the teeth.

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