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CMOS and TTL compliance

There was a time, when all IC’s were only TTL type. They were marked as 74LS or 74ALS. But then there came CMOS types of semiconductor. They are usually marked CDxx. And lately there appeared combined semiconductors who are compliant to both types. They usually are marked as 74HC or 74HCT. TTL are faster than CMOS, but they sink more power. They are powered from 5V source. To diminish the power consumption, the CMOS were developed. They can work with supplied voltages in range 3 to 15V. The main disadvantage is that they are static sensitive. So you always have to be grounded when working with CMOS. Now both types of semiconductors are widely used. Sometimes there is as dilemma to connect TTL to CMOS. You cannot connect directly TTL to CMOS as there are different supply voltages. So you need some compliance circuit. The simplest can be bipolar transistor cascade. Just remember, that such cascade inverts the signal, so you might need to put an inverter in front of CMOS. Another reminder – never leave TTL or CMOS free pins hanging. Jus connect them through resistor to VCC or GND.

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