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Great tool to play with biosignals – biomedical shield for arduino

Medical equipment is expensive and not always accessible to a wide audience. In fact, in any biomedical measuring instrument there is nothing extraordinary – here you can find ADC, analog front-end with low noise op-amp, some controller. But the central part what makes it different from consumer electronics is safety. Because device is connected to your body through some sort of electrodes, there is always a risk of electric shock. So power supply has to be isolated if it is powered from mains. There might be other additional safety circuitry to prevent possible hazard. And of course there are many safety regulations and certificates to overcome before device can be used with patients. This is where main cost comes from. It doesn’t mean that you cannot experiment with your body signals. You only need to know what are you doing. If you are building your circuit to acquire bio-signals, be sure to use a proper isolated power supply, even better – go with battery power. Once said, let’s look at great development of Arduino shield to be used for acquiring various bio-signals from your body.

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Getting to know about Medical Alert Comparison

This platform has been developed, keeping in mind the needs of the seniors and the elderlies. This virtual platform was developed to offer them a reliable medical alert system to provide convenience and efficiency. It has helped many seniors in more than one way, giving their health and lives the priority, which was the main aim of creating Medical Alert Comparison. The professionals working for the entity have the same objective and goals that are communicated to them clearly, and thus, they work towards it with dedication. The services offered by this entity are reliable and trustworthy. Also, they are cost-effective and are offered nationwide to ease the seniors and their loved ones. The entity ensures minimal time response against the queries and services of their clients. It also offers a free custom quote to its clients. This free custom quote includes; a price list for monitoring around the clock (twenty-four hours), medical alert system features, customized recommendations and an exclusive offer for a limited time period. It must be kept in mind that this website serves as a comparison and information platform through which the clients or customers can make an objective decision and register with services to make…

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Modelling different types of Biomedical Devices

Biomedical devices are those electrical devices that are used in medicine to carry out various tests on the human body. A lot of research has been performed in this field, and as a result, these devices have become indispensable as far as medicine is concerned. Let us have a look at some of the tasks that are performed by making use of these devices: For diagnosis of various diseases or abnormalities. In the prevention of these diseases, their cure, mitigation, etc. In many cases, some parts of the human body malfunction and are no longer able to perform their respective tasks. In such cases, these devices may be used as a replacement for those body parts. For example, a pacemaker is used for a person who has a weak heart. Based on the type of function that they perform and on other characteristics, these devices have been classified into the following three types: The first-class devices relatively cause less harm to the user and have been designed using simple techniques. These devices include ordinary items such as surgical gloves, tongue depressors, other hand-held instruments used in surgery, etc. The devices that belong to the second class have certain specialized applications…

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