AVRJTAG clone in action

Building AVR Jtag clone Finally, I found some time to finish AVRJTAG clone. It was hanging for a while on a breadboard with a bunch of wires. I have made an Eagle CAD project with PCB layout you will find at the bottom of the article. I didn’t change the circuit very much from previous, just added ISP header(but didn’t have a chance to test it) and transferred to Eagle project as I didn’t find one ready to build: The description on how to update firmware is in previous article <Build your own AVR JTAG ICE clone>. Testing AVR Jtag in action Let’s give a test run. Using Jtag is as easy as using AVR Studio simulator. The difference is that you have to connect JTAG adapter to target board. In my case, I am using Atmega128L Piconomic board. In the board, there is a connector for Jtag adapter/debugger. Theā€¦

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