Surrender or not: Blackjack tactics

Perhaps, many people follow Winston Churchill. Once, he said, “never surrender”. Yes, he told not about blackjack, but some people use the formula even in the gambling sphere.

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Sure, it could be a great motivation during war or in some other spheres. But it can be dangerous in blackjack. Sometimes it is better to surrender in the gambling game than to deal and lose money.

We are going to give you some tips on when you should surrender while playing blackjack. The tips will let you make the right choice and save your money. We also can share with you the information about surrender.

What Is Surrender In Blackjack

According to the rules, gamblers can surrender during the game if they know their odds to win about 0. It is a chance to save half of the chips and use them later. In compliance with the rules, you save half of your deal but do not try to play while waiting for your loss. Blackjack surrender lets people save money to use it later. You can try to play other casino games online by selecting them at trustly casino by saving money. But that’s not the point right now. So, you should know what is a good or bad card combination to know about the reasons for surrender. Blackjack is a durable game. It isn’t easy to get a lot of money with one deal.

Most blackjack dealers prefer to get verbal cues if you want to surrender. They can skip some movements, but they will definitely hear your speech and could stop the game. It is true for land-based casinos. As for online casinos, there is a special button to surrender. There are also other buttons, and the management is rather clear. You won’t waste a lot of time understanding how to play blackjack online.

Early Surrender Strategy

This ruled is used by online and land-based casinos really seldom. It is the most profitable strategy for players because they can refuse his hand after looking at his combination. So, the player won’t increase the bet and won’t deal if the chance to win is meagre.

The chance to lose the game is about 1% if you have ae or 10. Moreover, many gamblers double down their bet in this case, and some of them really win.

Most casinos with the option of early surrender make some other rules to counterbalance the chance to win for the house edge. It is important to read the rules attentively.

If the dealer has ace or 10, your odds are poor. You should surrender if you get:

  • about 7;
  • from 12 to 17;
  • pair of 3, 6, 7, 8.

There are combinations when the dealer has 17, and you have the pair of 2s. Some people believe in luck, but we recommend you to use the chance and save your chips.

You should surrender if the dealer has 10 and you:

  • 10-16;
  • pair of 7s, 8s.

As for the double 8, you should read the rules attentively. According to the number of decks in use, you can understand the chance of getting some cards. The information about the deck is open, and you can read it or ask the dealer.

Early surrender is possible in some cases, and we are ready to share with you the information about the expectations. While using the only deck, you should stop the game if the dealer has 10 and you have 4+10 or 5+9. The combination is rather good; your chance to win is high.

Late Surrender Strategy

Later surrender is used often by online and land-based casinos. There is no perfect surrender strategy, and everything depends on the rules and amount of decks. It is better to surrender while playing with one deck and have a 17. There are some other rules to surrender in blackjack.

You should surrender if you have 14 in the following cases:

  • dealer has 10 while using one deck;
  • that is a single0deck game, and the dealer could get 17.

Surrender with 15:

  • if you have 15 or 16 and the dealer has 17 and shows an ace (the rule is true for 1-2 decks);
  • if there are before 6 decks and you have 15 and dealer has 10;
  • if you use 4-8 decks and you have below 10 or dealer has 17.

Surrender with 16:

  • while using 1-2 decks and the dealer has 10 or ace;
  • if the dealer gets 9, 10 or ace and you plae4-decks blackjack;
  • if you have 8+8 and the dealer has 17 and ace (it is necessary to do if double after split is not allowed).

Blackjack Tips

While playing blackjack, you should keep in mind that you need to win the dealer. So, 21 is the best way to win, but you should get more points than the dealer. So, there is no need to risk and get more cards to try to achieve 21.

That’s why it is important to see what dealer is showing and to know the rules. The information will help you understand when it is better to surrender in blackjack.

Surrender is a great chance to save your chips. If you are sure that your hand couldn’t win the dealer, you can stop the game and start the new one. Players, who never stop the game, will get pleasure while playing, but they decrease their chance to win.


It is difficult to stop the game. But it is better to get everything possible in the current gambling session than to risk with your chips. There are several winning strategies for blackjack, and you can read them online. Try to use it to increase your chance to win the game.

Blackjack is a fast game whenever you play it online or offline. So, if you skip your hand, you won’t miss everything. It depends on the number of players. The gambling session takes about 3 minutes only. Just wait a bit to go on playing. It is better than to lose everything fast.

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