Spotify Hacks You Should Try Today

It’s been roughly two decades since we’ve had access to commercially available internet services. And since then, it has proven to be a wild ride. The internet industry has evolved far beyond its original function as a communication system.

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We owe the creation of the internet to the threat of nuclear war from the Cold War era. But today, we use services like Spectrum mobile plans for shopping, socializing, working, learning, and entertainment. It was only a matter of time before musicians, distributors, and listeners began to join the digital ecosystem. This resulted in many apps like iTunes, Google Play Music, and Pandora. But none of these have managed to capture a global audience like Spotify. This blog explores several neat hacks that can help you make the most of your Spotify experience.

Useful Spotify Hacks For Smart Listeners

Spotify is to music what Netflix is to on-demand video content. It offers people the chance to listen to their favorite bands, musicians, and artists over an internet connection. But unlike many shady apps, Spotify actually works closely with the people who own the rights to the music we enjoy. So distributors, the record companies, and most importantly, the artists benefit from every stream. Spotify has opened up a new bridge to connect musicians and audiences. But the app is more than just a simple music streaming platform. Spotify has several useful features that a lot of people don’t know about. They aren’t exactly hidden, but few people end up making use of them. In case you’re one of them, many of these features can help you get the best audio experience possible. These include:

Making Playlists Collaborative

The days of making music playlists have been on the rise since YouTube. If you’re old enough to remember, people used to make mixtapes on audio cassettes before then. It’s not just about gathering all your favorite songs in one place. Playlists revolve around moods. They can contain many songs that can express your feelings to someone without uttering a word. That’s the true power of music. Why say something bland when someone has already recorded a great song? Especially when it is saying exactly what you want to, but better. Romantic partners often use many playlists to express their feelings for each other. However, Spotify takes this a unique step further. The “Make Collaborative” option on playlists opens up a whole new level of possibilities. Now it’s not just you expressing emotions, but your partner as well. If everything works out, you could grow old listening to the same playlist while adding new songs together.

Customized Album Art for Playlists

Spotify playlists don’t necessarily have to be public. You can set them to remain private, especially if they have a very personal meaning for you. But just because you’re using an audio platform, the need for visuals is not obsolete. Many playlists feature cover art from the artists and albums you have added to them. Now you can update cover art and add a deeper aesthetic to your playlist. Spotify also allows you to add customized playlist descriptions. In the early days, Spotify had limited this feature to specific featured partners. But as of now, it is available on all playlists, whether public or private.  

End of Year Spotify Wrapped

There’s a lot of music that you can discover in a year on Spotify. I know I wore out my speakers playing Tool’s Fear Inoculum back in 2019. And it dominated my “2019 Wrapped” playlist. Spotify Wrapped playlists offer a look at your favorite tunes for the year. They usually appear in your feed around the end of the year. Wrapped playlists will tell you what songs you listened to and the total listening time you had on Spotify during the year. The Wrapped feature also comes with a shareable graphic containing your most-listened-to artists and songs for the year. So you can brag about your superior taste in music on social media while playing the bangers out loud.

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