Roofers In San Diego County – How to choose One?

Are you looking for a reliable roofer? Even though the average lifespan of roofs is twenty years, they experience regular wear and tear due to overloading, weathering, and accidents.

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In such cases, homeowners have no other alternative but to repair or replace their roofs, thus protecting their properties from further damage. Established roofing contractors should be licensed, insured, trustworthy, and experienced. They should provide quotes, discuss payment terms, and provide advice before the onset of the project. San Diego residents need to be careful in their choice of contractor, as roofing scams are relatively common.

We hope you find the following tips helpful when hiring a roofer in San Diego.

Check license and insurance

The first aspect to take into account when choosing a roofer in San Diego County is the license and insurance of these workers. License requirements aren’t identical across states, which means homeowners need to do their homework before hiring a roofing contractor. While licenses are obligatory in some states, others require roofers to pass an exam, become apprentices, or get schooled.

Furthermore, the roofing company you hire is supposed to carry liability and workers’ compensation insurance, protecting homeowners in the event of an accident. Liability insurance covers job-related accidents and property damage, whereas workers’ compensation insurance covers the costs in the event of workers injured on the job. Learn more about the features and cost of business liability insurance.


Not all states require roofers to carry insurance, meaning you should check the requirements in your state during research. Even if your state doesn’t oblige these workers to be insured, always ask for proof of insurance. In case an accident occurs on your property involving an injured, uninsured roofer, you’ll pay more to cover his/her medical bills than you’d pay for the project itself.

Ask for references

Another important step in your quest towards finding a reliable roofer in San Diego County is asking for references. These are of tremendous value while researching candidates, as they provide insight into real-life roofing experiences of other homeowners. The candidates on your list are supposed to provide you with at least several references.

Moreover, talking to actual references is more beneficial than reading online reviews, which might be inaccurate. By contacting some of their previous clients, you’re likely to get an answer to most of your questions. Some of the homeowners on the reference list might even invite you to visit their homes and see the quality of their roofs for yourself.

Ask for quotes

An indispensable aspect of your search for a San Diego roofer is asking for a roofing quote from each candidate. Nowadays, the majority of roofing companies, such as, offer free estimates for roofing projects. These quotes should be provided in writing after roofers perform an inspection of your property and have a discussion with you regarding the choice of materials.

Additionally, professional roofers base their estimates on the square footage of roofs, the type of existing roof, and the roof to be installed. Keep in mind that some unexpected costs might arise during the project, such as discovering rotten timbers after removing the existing roof, which must be replaced before the installation of the new one.

Discussing the payment terms should also be done before the project starts. You shouldn’t pay the entire sum until the project is completed. However, paying a deposit between 15 and 20 % of the entire amount is considered reasonable. Make sure to get the payment terms in writing as part of the quote.

Avoid scams

Avoiding scams is essential when hiring a roofer in San Diego County. It’s paramount for homeowners to stay away from storm chasers and door-to-door roofers. Storm chasers refer to contractors who keep track of severe weather, waiting to hit a particular region. Once a hail storm or tornado strikes a region, these contractors head to the area and offer their services to the residents.

Residents are often tempted to hire storm chasers because of the free inspections and affordable services they provide. Nevertheless, these so-called professionals are neither licensed nor insured. They aren’t registered with the Better Business Bureau, have no physical address and no telephone number. Storm chasers either finish the job in a rush or vanish into thin air after taking the deposit money.

Another type of “roofers” to avoid are door-to-door salesmen pretending to be local contractors. These people knock on the doors of homeowners, claiming to have noticed a defect on their roofs and offering a free inspection. Never trust such contractors until you’re provided with proof of valid license.

Consider the types of services

Besides offering installation and replacement of roofs, the largest part of San Diego contractors offers a wide range of repair services, such as shingle and flashing repairs, gutter maintenance and repair, leaking roof repair, poor ventilation repair, etc. Since most residential roofs use shingles, it’s common for homeowners to request professional assistance upon noticing signs of shingle damage.

For instance, San Diego roofers are supposed to provide assistance in the event of granule loss, broken, or split shingles. It’s normal for shingles to experience granule loss over time due to exposure to all sorts of weather elements. Extreme weather conditions are responsible for breaking shingles, which have to be replaced immediately to stop leaks.

Unexpected temperature changes lead to splitting shingles, while their edges can curl inwards or outwards when exposed to extreme heat. They might also shrink or lift, allowing water to flow underneath them. Professional roofers should handle these scenarios by identifying the damaged shingles and replacing them with new ones.

Flashing repairs are another type of service offered by reputable roofers. The role of roof flashing is to ensure water flows away from the walls, chimneys, and dormers. Nevertheless, an improper installation of flashing is all it takes for the water to find its way into the house. Professional roofers should be able to install, repair, or replace roof flashings effectively.

San Diego roofers are also expected to offer gutter maintenance and repair services. Gutters must be cleaned at least twice annually, in spring and autumn, to prevent a drain blockage. When gutters are clogged, the water floods over them and leads to roof rotting. Therefore, make sure the contractor you hire offers gutter cleaning and repair.

Gutter systems tend to bend or sag when they are clogged with leaves, insects, and debris. A professional would have them straightened before water starts affecting the foundation of the house. Nevertheless, when gutters are extremely bent, only a replacement is considered the best solution.

Poor ventilation is a common cause of blistered shingles. When airflow is obstructed, humidity stimulates the growth of mold and mildew, triggering the process of fascia and rafters rotting. In such cases, roofers inspect the fascia for signs of damage and replace it if necessary.

Residents of snowy areas should look for roofing contractors that provide ice damming solutions. Ice dams are formed when snow freezes and melts on the roof edges. Ice dams have the potential to break the shingles and cause water damage. If such dams keep on forming on your roof year after year, roofing contractors can prevent them by installing snow guards.

Ultimately, the roofing contractor you hire is supposed to offer roof maintenance services to keep your roof in an optimal shape. These specialists assess the health of these structures by inspecting the condition of the shingles, rafters, and fascia. Also, they look for symptoms of algae growth and check the cleanliness of the gutter system. Regular maintenance is the key to preventing costly damage.

Final thoughts

Your roof deserves the best treatment.

Hire the right contractor to maintain its condition and make the necessary repairs!

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